07/21/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. Who is the reporter that called OUR Press Secretary a ‘lying b*tch’ on the grounds of OUR White House in front of the whole world? *WHCA remove and permanently BAN that reporter from the WH Press.*

  2. 23:37 I may be getting older and I know my hearing is getting a little dodgy but I swear that reporter just called Kayleigh a b*tch (??) Is there anyone can some one else confirm or deny or understand what she said?
    If this is true then I am disgusted at this person’s arrogance and lack of civility

  3. 23:37 “I think you’re a lying bitch” that reporter and her organisation should have their press credentials removed and banned from any US Govt buildings for life.

  4. Whether Halkett curse or not is not important at this point to me; I am more concerned about her questions and their extreme lack of substance. Kayleigh is right in setting boundary and letting these reporters know their limits―they need to either come up with good questions and respect the others that are also trying to do their job, or walk out. Apparently, this Halkett lady is not going anywhere anytime soon, which I think is a good thing, altogether. Reporters like her need to be further exposed for who they truly are―a bunch of ill-mannered children who are only good at fake crying after hitting others.

  5. Thank you Kayleigh McEnany, POTUS, Pence, staff, first responders, GOP Senators, GOP Congress People, and ALL the family members of the mentioned for your service to our country. I am sorry for the tribulation and turmoil that the left constantly throws up. May god have mercy on their liberal souls!!!

  6. I learned from my collage books long ago that the states are to solve their problems with the Federal government to be the overseer, but when the state doesn’t solve the problems over a very extensive span of time they , the Federal government ,must step in. That is not to be described as being fully unconstitutional, especially Chicago, it’s crime problem has been continuing for years, year after year after year, and everyone knows in Las Vegas where the unregistered guns come from, Chicago ! Those who refer to it as unconstitutional are called louses.

  7. Well done! You are a class act! Great job staying professional and representing President Trump and America!!!

  8. They complain Trump doesn’t listen to advisers, but he does. Fauci said in March no need to wear mask…..that’s what Trump said. Then Fauci decided that everyone should wear a mask, so that’s what Trump said. Now they accuse Trump of being wishy washy on mask protocol, because once again he is going by what Fauci is saying.

  9. Fwd: from a friend. I have a client whose granddaughter tested pos for covid and she never took test either. She was registered but changed her mind because the line was too long. She’s from Pennsylvania. Also heard of other true story cases where people didn’t take covid test but they got test results in the mail saying they tested positive for covid. The government is getting scammed. These cases can be authenticated.

  10. I agree with everything that she is saying and everything that our president is attempting to do to restore law and order seeing how the Democrats want more chaos and more destruction our president is done playing games

  11. Precious Little to Contrast/Everything to Compare between Trump Regime and Hitler Regime of WWII: The Nazis’ Deep Web of Secrets | Secrets of War | Timeline
    on YouTube
    Is Chad Wolf the New Adolf Eichmann?

  12. A presidential press conference once again is a political advertisement. The govt is militarily surging. Kayleigh’s head rattles w/ white supremacy. This is the best she could do with her education. Kayleigh…Hollywood…

  13. Per el comandante Kayleigh, Fed troops, Portland, Chicage, KC, NY, thought we were a democracy, always focusing on Dem vs Rep governors. How about C-19 states surging, Tx, Fl, Ga, Az? Oh, back to the elections, maybe we can bring the military in, in November. Worked in Brazil, a fav of the President.

  14. Please all media personnel research by speaking to actual nurses and doctors, whom have been told to falsify death records, forcing them to attribute all deaths to the Covid-19 Virus, even when MD notifies them that it was not the cause of death and sadly, in many of these cases there was never a need to order a Covid-19 test, nor were any ran later. However, administrators still preasurred doctors whom choose not to falsify records have been turned into the American Medical Association (AMA) for investigation with the horrible possibility that they could lose their medical license! All because they are truthfully filling out death certificates:( I am praying for them to have favor with their superriors at the AMA for it to be accounted to a misunderstanding and I am praying for Hospital Administrators to correct their errors and to report truthfully from the Medical Doctors’ decisions with reguard to Medical Care, Diagnoses and Cause of Death as well as other medical decisions. We in America will not tolerate non-medically trained personnel to make any medical decision and that certainly goes for Mr. Bill Gates and all their affiliates as well!

    I believe the true number of Covid-19 deaths here in the U. S. of A. is 1/4 of what is falsely being reported. Research and truthfully report on this important issue and please conduct research ot related issues. For instance R.N s did some experimenting to test the integrity of the medical labs and sent in samples for Covid-19 testing: Samples of a patient whom had already tested positive for Covid-19 Virus. My battery died -sorry can’t see to type and it’s shutting down

  15. What part of recommended but not required do people don’t understand ? If you feel they ineffective why do people persecute them… not a health issue at all its a political issue stop hiding under the sharade of a virus

  16. Your so right people area aware of what those crazy democrats are doing everything they say about our President it’s them describing them SELF!!!

  17. I believe the Federal government should annexe Seattle and Portland like they did Washington, D.C., in retaliation to the H.R. 51 statehood demands.

  18. They (The Democrats) would rather have people get traumatized assaulted, maimed and murdered then to work with Trump to get this insanity under control.

  19. From South Africa – who’s the really overweight MIWLF at 20:50 onward who needs a hairdresser and a treadmill? Is she from special needs networks or ignoramus chronicle? She asks what’s being done to stop cyber inteference in elections and when Kayleigh answers with facts she starts screaming and interrupting like a pre menopausal nutcase and acting like she owns the press room even when Kayleigh is answering directly to her questions

  20. From South Africa – who’s the really overweight menopausal Al Jazeera housewife at 20:50 onward who needs a hairdresser and a treadmill? Is she from special needs networks or ignoramus chronicle? She asks what’s being done to stop cyber inteference in elections and when Kayleigh answers with facts she starts screaming and interrupting like a pre menopausal nutcase and acting like she owns the press room even when Kayleigh is answering directly to her questions, and then calling the press secretary a “lying bitch” at 23:38 … She should be banned from the press briefings with a clear press release on why

  21. Omg listen closely to loc 23:38 when that reporter says “ok never mind, bitch” after Kaleigh refuses to answer her question. WTF? Someone please remind me why TWH keeps inviting these Gawd awful reporters into the briefing room? Totally appalled by her behavior and her fellow colleagues in the media! 😡

  22. Give the protesters what they want . JUSTICE. Arrest BREONNA TAYLORS killercops. How many HUNDREDS of Protesters lives will Trump sacrifice for ONE killercop.❓
    No Justice No Peace ⬛

  23. 2 Corinthians 3:18
    “All of us have no cloth over our faces. People can see that we have some of the bright and wonderful light that the Lord has. And we are becoming brighter and brighter, more and more like him. It is the Lord, the Spirit, who does this.” Worldwide English Translation


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