07/22/20: President Trump Holds a News Conference


The White House


  1. President Trump our country IS 100% behind you and the trump administration. Thank you for all you do for america.

  2. Normal liest er nicht ab ,höchstens Zahlen,es fällt ihm schwer das zu sagen,so kennt man ihn nicht,da ist etwas Seltsames . God bless you Mr.President.

  3. I sincerely appreciate how the recent initiatives are being dubbed “operations”, it conveys a realistic understanding of this developing, covert culture war that no one wants to openly discuss. Thank you sir 💪🇺🇸

  4. Anyone wondering about Trump Turnberry. It’s an amazing place in the most scenic part of the world. A great hotel and course with amazing staff giving an amazing experience. A visit is a must. 🇺🇸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  5. mice die in mousetraps because they don’t understand why the cheese is free…the same thing happens with SOCIALISM
    socialism is always easy to vote in,,,, but you always end up having to shoot your way out of it
    in a socialist country you line up for the bread ……….in a capitalist country the bread lines up for you
    the only people who support socialism are the one that refuse to support themselves

  6. what we get from liberals
    morality from homosexuals
    science from transgenders
    human rights from abortionists
    economics from communists

  7. The virus originated in China but because of a total failure in government and leadership from this potus thousands of extra people die all over the USA. This man ignores the suffering. His only concern is his own re-election at all cost. It’s the White House or jail and every common sense person knows it should be the second.

  8. Don’t be intimated by CIA/Knights of Malta controlled Governer or Mayor via propaganda of assaulting your health via face covering. Frog in the frying pan with heat slowing being turned up before it’s to late to get out.

    Governer’s and Mayor’s have tranformed from elected official to a Warden. Your not a prisoner and don’t let Governer or Mayor dictate your behavior & actions as a Warden. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow citizens.

    Forget about being shamed or shouted at by the conforming sheep or the gullible. It is not about our safety but death and depopulation. Think for yourself and exercise your free will.



  9. If these mask are so effective why are they not putting them on the prisoner s.

    They have this big prison where they can separate those that test positive from those that don’t have it

    No they put them out in neighbor hoods so they can go back to committing crimes

    I now have a sex offender that was in for 6 years for child pornography living two house down from me. So we are going to save him from the virus so he can go out and practice his child pornography again. How idiotic is that

  10. President Trump:
    Excellent press conference!
    My aunt is living in a low
    income senior facility in
    Rochester, MN.
    The owners of the building
    changed their focus and
    allowed the handicap under
    age 62 to rent apartments.
    Unfortunately, the handicap
    include drug, alcohol and
    psychiatric patients.
    Numerous police calls
    regarding drug sales,
    fights, prostitution etc.
    We are bordered by two Mayo Clinic Properties.
    Many of the Seniors have
    left this facility due to the
    criminal activity.
    You and your family are
    in our prayers.

  11. Thank you Mr. President for the last 4 of wonderful years, i greatly appreciate all that you have done so far, again thank you and god bless!

  12. Why is tRump calling it china virus. If he took Covid 19 seriously back in January we wouldn’t have 140000+ deaths. This ‘man’ himself is ‘fake nees’. We need the Lincoln Project. What true Republicans represent.

  13. 4 million cases. 142,000 dead of “hoax” FOX & BUNKER BOY TRUMP VIRUS. A press conference needed where Kayleigh explains it’s Obama’s fault? Didn’t BUNKER BOY tell us Covid would disappear in summer heat?

  14. Please listen to Robert F Kennedy, Jr., decisively win his debate with Alan Dershowitz, while explaining the gripping truth about vaccines. RFK Jr. also exposes the grim vaccine system, driven by greedy and unethical corporate developers, promoters, lobbyists, and profiteers, which allows Big Pharma vaccine companies to enjoy immunity from prosecution. You will never think about vaccines the same way again.

  15. Notice they don’t turn the camera on until after he has slowly shuffled to the rostrum.
    That palsy in his arm hasn’t gone away, either.
    Trump is not well.

  16. Everything, from him being nice to the empathy attempt, his army of staff prepping him for his news conference, 18:22 where its SO evident and comical that he tried to contain his normal answers and his anger..he even said it..the theme/image/message is: be nicer Donald, have empathy, and don’t fight with reporters if you can.., not a fan but to be honest its good the p.o.t.u.s not acting like he normally does.. keep at it you might like it.


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