09/08/20: President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure


Joint Base Andrews, MD


  1. Trump is obviously living and lying in fantasy land. It’s an important election to be sure, we need to rid this pestilence from the White House and get a genuine leader in the oval office. Not a fat lying, corrupt criminal.

  2. President Trump 2020 ♥️ from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺. Honestly Sir we don’t require a vaccine. We will recover by just being human. All the best for the elections Sir. You are the winner.

  3. President Trump is such a positive man this is the kind of person that we need to lead we do not need someone that would frighten us and make us panic look at how it was even without him doing that there was nothing at the grocery stores there was not even any toilet paper imagine if he would’ve made us panic the riots that were seeing on the streets would have been happening in the grocery stores he is the commander-in-chief if he cannot hold it together then how can we shame on that man you shouldn’t be allowed to write another sentence if President Trump thought he was saying anything wrong he is a very intelligent man why would he speak when he was being taped I don’t know maybe he believes in people that they’re honest the way he is and tell the truth and not be scared to and look at how I turned around and bit him I hope he learns from this another thing I want to say is I will not be watching football basketball or any other organization some of them are talking about staying in the locker room while they play the national anthem they’re going to wear some of the people that have passed under some law enforcement’s this is not their place there places to play ball and entertain us they get paid plenty of money for it I don’t really care what they think and how they are so much in the far left as far as I’m concerned I don’t think anyone should watch them we should both cut themLet’s see how much money they will make then politics is none of their business they pay to play ball and part of that is stand up for the national anthem that’s what I nation and our country has been used to for century who the hell do they think they are to disrespect the flag of the United States think about it everybody don’t be excited about them then no one and Brady after he left the patriots I could care less what he does him and Brock as far as I’m concerned I hope they both lose their first game and that they do not go to any Super Bowl and I wonder what they’re how much will be saying if they’re going to stop being like everybody else and yelling do you know what the reason such a thing as being loyal there such a thing as the almighty dollar if not neither of them would’ve ever left the patriots they plant this and New England had been so loyal to them say there isn’t such a thing as loyalty anymore so please do not be hard on the president he would never do anything to hurt us he is a good man and that your broadcaster today I think he was from ABC to question him with such disrespect he should be fired for disrespecting the president United States calling him a liar how far in the Presco goAnd we put up with it we don’t hear anything about that commercial that President Trump had with that mother that she is for President Trump and now in YouTube and Facebook they have change her ad and put other signs like if she was by the Democrats and Facebook and I think it is YouTube will not take those down how far are the Democrats going to go and the liberals are going to let them imagine changing an ad changing the signs and putting that lady‘s face they’re like these are her words so I guess freedom of speech is going to be right out the window with the liberals I’m all done


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