100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment


President Trump and The First Lady Participate in a Signing of a Proclamation on the 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment

The White House


  1. Dear Mr President sorry to hear about your bro wishing you and all your family the Best!!! You been Tried Tested and as your son Don says Triggered and yet you have remained PURE and unselfish in your BIG COMPANY VISion for rebuilding America ..you could just enjoy your own Riches and just stayed and enjoyed your Home with Family but you wanted so much to spread the success and the wealth so that other ordinary people could make it TOO TODAY, I don’t see any one trying to Run. For next Presidentials bringing that to the The Table. The truth is you don’t have to but you are and that is why you are blessed and just like that families us inventor Thomas Edison you TRy Try until you win this thing for everybody get a chance to eat this very delicious pie enjoyed for years but not by establishment, Don’t worry Sir those in the know can reveal very Good Results for you this Nov ygood Indeed because of your r efforts in trying to give opportunities to others. ,,You have blessed America with trying so let God do the rest just like the American Dollar Bill says I G W T kindest Regards to All your Team s..fwjoiii

  2. Bomb air delilvered to Beirut creating a 20 ft crater was proven to be Uranium 239. How Bat Dat! Guess who has that in their arsenal?



  3. Amendment and constitutions. I am well motivated from my own independency as a single mother and continue to be at least motivated for nine year not even connecting to guys from any race that I am also exposed.

  4. At this time in our history it seems appropriate to remind ourselves that women did not always enjoy the privilege of voting. It was a hard-won, and worthwhile battle.

  5. That’s one kind of a presidential person. Most likeable president of the U.S. generation 1990 has seen, regards from Germany #Trump2020

  6. Sir may God re-elect you as a Globle leader & a Prisident of a Unitead States Of America again. Because you tackels that bloody china and that bloody radical islamic extrimiseam & terrorisam very well.

  7. I was hoping the Black lady behind the president would be able to talk. I was hoping Trump or someone would have noticed and spoken up.

  8. This entire clip is SO great. I am very moved by the grace of these women, and the loyalty of this President to the people of America.

  9. El musgo era blanco. Ningún hombre negro cambiaría de apariencia a la luz de DIOS. o quejarse de que un solo arbusto está en llamas cuando hay billones de arbustos. Y es un hecho conocido que Mosses llamó la “Pooelice” del Hijo de Dios cuando se mudó al vecindario.

  10. Merci beaucoup M. Trump. Vous êtes un grand homme 💜 une française vivant en France avec un président non respectueux de son peuple.

  11. As a headbanger i need a job and they hostage me in Las Vegas to torture me without a job! So i can commit suicide and I have a therapy dog and that dog was hand crafted by the Police Department!

  12. Congratulations Mr president Donald Trump thank you so much Mrs Melania Trump thank you so much Mr voice president prence thank you. And or are Army and or are big man’s thankyou for everyone and God bless America.

  13. LIAR!!!!!!!
    Each morning I wake up, thank the Lord for for a new day, check to see if my goldfish is OK, then check to see if Trump is dead yet.


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