A Lawsuit Is Being Filed Against Governor Polis For His Use Of Executive Power To Combat The Coronav


A new lawsuit is being filed against governor Polis and the states public health director over executive power used to help combat the coronavirus.


  1. Governor Tyranny.
    Future emergency acts that shutdown the entire economy cannot be allowed to run on further than 2 weeks without consent of the governed.

  2. 173 Executive orders in which he only had 10 passed with the legislature. Tyranny. 163 Bills he wrote in and passed himself.

  3. Where can I sign on this? I volunteer to help people affected by the reaction to this and Polis’ orders and authoritative measures have destroyed countless lives and livelihoods of the people.

  4. How many friends, parents and loved ones have died from smoking? Obesity? Suicide? Where are the mandates to stop these deaths..? People choose to smoke, but do it around their kids that don’t have a choice. Kids that grow up in a smoking home are more likely to smoke. Eating junk food is a choice, but when a parent brings home unhealthy junk/fast food the kids are more prone to follow that lifestyle. 647,000 people died in the US fro heart disease, last year. How many were in these 2 categories? Suicide rates from losing jobs, losing Hope and failed relationships due to being quarantined… it’s up, also. Child Abuse is on the rise! WTH? Gov Polis… is the cure/prevention really worse that the cause?
    I’ll take my chances with the scary virus.


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