August 2020 ACIP Meeting – Public Comment


Public Comment; Adjourn

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  1. They never wanna talk about rhesus negative people…. We dont want ur rhesus monkey dna injected into even more of your future human experiment victims… It causes “lupus/autoimmune/chronic fatigue” disorders… whatever they wanna call it nowadays… We dont need anyone inhibiting or increasing peoples cyp p450 cytochrome genes. Back off. 👏👏👏🙏 Yall know we r connected, and now WE know we r connected too… The gigs up… GIVE UP & WALK AWAY WHILE U STILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY. SHUT DOWN ALL THE BS CORPORATIONS/FOUNDATIONS/GOVT AGENCIES. NOW. THESE WORDS I SPEAK ARE THE WORDS OF GOD.

  2. So glad Del Bigtree got his opportunity to speak. Also thankful that covid 19 turned out to be something healthy people need not worry about. Thanks CDC!

  3. Listened from start to finish. Some of the best public comments yet. Del Bigtree totally nails it with the first comment. And what a closer for the final commenter! ♥️


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