Centennial Institute in Colo. puts Gov. Polis on notice


The Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University has urged Governor Jared Polis to clean up the state’s Capitol and protect the state’s public institutions from vandals. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with the Vice President of Public Policy at Colorado Christian University, Jeff Hunt, to discuss the petition they launched, which demanded the governor put an end to vandalism.

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  1. The governors who let this happen should be removed from office! Put someone who truly cares about their constituents! Vote them out!!!

  2. whats the one thing they have in common ? Run by leftist cowards ,who are more concerned with hurting someones feelings then keeping their people safe!

  3. I’m glad I left Denver. Governor chickenstupid ruined Colorado. And now fat boy George is not helping the situation.

  4. Polis was elected by voter fraud and they ignored our recall, he’s a useless piece of crap that is destroying our beautiful state.

  5. My friends were stabbed off of Broadway literally over a dozen times last year and It wasn’t once mentioned in the news. Not only that, Denver police department wouldn’t even pick one of the perpetrators up because they said he was out of their jurisdiction. Horseshit!!! Denver is a sanctuary city. That is why they didn’t pick him up.


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