Colorado Gov Jared Polis sets last call at 10 pm across state in latest coronavirus effort 2020 07 2


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Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has ordered a statewide last call for all liquor-licensed establishments at 10 p. m. for a month beginning Thursday — but he also said he wanted to give local authorities greater control over their own nightlife once the coronavirus threat has passed. The state of inebriation in a public place is inconsistent with social distancing, the governor said during his coronavirus news conference Tuesday. Thats because drinking is known to reduce inhibitions and, according to Polis, results in people flouting social distancing guidelines. COLORADO SEES FIRST HUMAN PLAGUE CASE SINCE 2015: OFFICIALSNormally, the statewide last call is 2 a. m. Despite dialing it back four hours in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 at crowded bars, Polis said he would like to eventually eliminate the statewide last call and place the decision in local hands in the future. Towns value nightlife, he said. They should not be encumbered by the state. But as the coronavirus continues to spread across the country, Polis is again cracking down on bars — part of an industry that has seen devastating effects on its financial well-being during the pandemic — to try and slow it down. This is not the summer to party, he said. Its the summer of no parties. CORONAVIRUS: ARKANSAS, COLORADO MANDATE FACE COVERINGS TO FIGHT SURGEBut once theres a vaccine or cure, he added, there will be a big party. Polis argued that people out drinking tend to ignore or bend the rules about social distancing, giving the virus more chances to spread. And he singled out people in their 20s. in particular. for such behavior. We know we cant behave the way we did last summer or even the way we did in February, he said. Though we have taken steps to open up more of our economy, we have to remain vigilant. People aged 20 to 29 account for most of the spread in Colorado, according to the states coronavirus


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