COVID-19 Partner Update Call: Health and Safety at the Polling Place


Dr. McDonald shared updates on CDC’s COVID-19 response, including the latest scientific information and what everyone should know about protecting themselves and others. In addition, Dr. Kirby reviewed CDC’s updated considerations for election polling locations and voters.

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  1. Ty cd for updating your policy on The Who should get tested ! I would still urge caution for those without thyroid gland !(I m literally translating ) but they used to remove that in that past ! If yours was removed , you would likely have a weakened immune system so caution is still likely best practice! But for most with normal immune system and are not toxicoman or other weakened immune system state?(normal immune system is basicly most of North America) cdc change is a good move ! ty CDC
    If you ain’t sure ? Call ! Pretty sure some case will need precision! But these guideline are for the majority ! Do not force yourself to include your self in the majority ! If you question your case ? Best bet is to call , they will likely give precision for your specific case !

  2. C19 “VACCINE” IS A DNA MODIFIER – MODERNA PHARMACEUTICALS – “The key challenge associated with DNA vaccines is that they must penetrate the cell nucleus (crossing two membranes; the cytoplasm and the nucleus). The DNA must then be transcribed in the nucleus into mRNA before moving to the cytoplasm to stimulate antigen production. This core complex pathway often requires both larger doses and special, often painful delivery devices using electric shocks or gold microspheres into person’s skin to deliver the DNA vaccine. Once inside the nucleus, DNA vaccines have a risk of permanently changing a person’s DNA.” NOTE SOURCE PDF Moderna Website: YouTube is blocking links. Google RNA_Vaccines_White_Paper_Moderna_050317_v8_4.pdf

  3. These updates are too tedious. A large portion was committed to rehashes of previous updates. Please give us newest info in short concise memos with someone who has a clear speaking voice. Who wants to spend 48 minutes listening to boring repetitive info in the second speakers voice.


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