COVID-19 Partner Update: How to Protect K-12 School Staff


Dr. McDonald shared updates on CDC’s COVID-19 response, including the latest scientific information available. Given substantial interest in CDC’s New Tools for Schools partner update on 8/17, Dr. Guerin and Mr. Garcia discussed CDC’s Strategies for Protecting K-12 School Staff from COVID-19.

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  1. What do you think about school systems using ionizers in schools? Ours has black residue everywhere and is stating that teachers can be in the classroom with positive kids without quarantining as long as we wear masks.

  2. You need to test also for whooping cough I catch it every September been vaccinated for it had the medicine for it my kids have had the vaccine for it medicine for it my son gave it to me when he was a baby and every year I catch whooping cough every September I catch whooping cough I posted the Blackberry dessert recipe it murders the virus it just straight up murders it use a half a cup it takes about 24 hours you need to treat for the spawning you’ll have to treat for chlamydia and for yeast infection but in about 72 hours you’re going to start feeling much better use the Zicam the cold remedy as well as the nasal spray and swabs as well as Tylenol Cold and Flu for aches and fever you know so syrup a narcotic in their time and honestly a breathing treatment of Albuterol Blackberry dessert is it that difficult to make my great great great grandmother of Queen Marie of Monaco made it for our family when covid-19 was going around when she was young and she said all of a sudden her hair stood up on end and she looked around at everybody including some friends and Neighbors and she took a tube of blood from somebody that was eating at their was sick and when she looked at it it did murdered the virus I had looked at this under the microscope at Fort Campbell years and years ago I was making another medication Pfizer awarded me a 16 million-dollar science award but they stole the 16 million dollars and award and they stole my notebook with the other medication that forces the virus to cry itself to death so what we’ve got right now is a Blackberry dessert it is a pint of blackberries a pint of raspberries it is 1/4 of a cup of blue cheese dressing a half a cup of whole whipping cream 4 teaspoons of sugar one teaspoon Blackberry preserves one teaspoon of raspberry preserves don’t forget the blue cheese you can add a few more blue cheese crumbles into it if you would like your hair will stand up on end you will feel better I promise you’ll feel better you can make it at home as well as at the CDC at 5 or wherever the hell you want to make it because I am still sitting here being held prisoner but I do have my cell phone so eat the Blackberry dessert now separately the blackberries or The Raspberries is the stomach is hurting or even if you don’t notice your stomach is hurting can still make you feel better I’m just eating a few blackberries or a few raspberries you can have a peanut butter and blackberry preserves sandwich or a raspberry and peanut butter preserve sandwich and then I’ll also make you feel a little bit better but I’m honestly I give my patients back on after I gave them the Blackberry dessert doctors and nurses if you don’t tell them that it murders the virus they don’t catch the chlamydia but if you tell them they catch the chlamydia because they are in on the murder because it murders this virus good luck

  3. The virus is attempting to spawn with us and there are some people that are reciprocating the spawning their heads and their faces are dumb dumb because it is a dumbest thing their body has ever done and their brain and body don’t realize it until after it’s happened that is what is happening to their head and their faces my grandmother would have said they went dumb dumb she was Aztec and Mayan she was the queen of Aztec and Maya and Monaco technically I’m the queen of those but I am also George Washington Samuel Adams and geronimo’s granddaughter so I live here in the United States and I don’t live in Monaco or what the Spanish called Mexico because all of it with Monaco but them eat the Blackberry dessert 8 tastes really good your hair will stand up on in I’ll give the recipe one more time it’s a pint of blackberries a pint of raspberries a fourth of a cup of blue cheese dressing a half a cup of whole whipping cream 4 teaspoons of sugar one teaspoon Blackberry preserves one teaspoon raspberry preserves it will murder the virus if you don’t tell the patient they shouldn’t catch the chlamydia you should still treat for the yeast infection use Flagyl for the chlamydia use Monistat for the yeast infection you can use Zicam it shortens the length of a cold because they will still have some symptom and those help with the symptoms the Zicam products the tablets the cold remedy Zicam nasal spray as well as the nasal swab as well as using Tylenol Cold & Flu you got it you should use the medicine for the spawning to dry up the spawn because that isn’t mucus and it isn’t you don’t spawn the virus is actually kind of fun with us and some people are actually so you got to use the medicine for the spawning

  4. You can use a plum to break up the foul I went to several grocery stores and all of them were foul until they got the plums in tusayan add to have another female scientist go in behind me I am a consented nurse scientist but you can break up the foul with plum you can’t you can even add the plums to the Blackberry dessert if you would like

  5. You’re a doctor or a nurse that doesn’t think you can do this because it’s murdering the virus you call an abortion doctor you call an abortion nurse you call a soldier I have served in the Navy I am a second shipment I am missing I have also served in the United States Army and I am closer to Fort Campbell then I am a naval station other than the Fort Campbell naval station and we do have a Naval Station at Fort Campbell you do what I’m telling you you call your reservist you call the soldier if you can’t do it you call the military you call an abortion doctor or you call an abortion nurse

  6. Two reasons I’ve had enough of it and I don’t want these people to die and I don’t want to die and I don’t want my family to die

  7. after my grandmother made that for everybody as a dessert the first time and she saw everybody’s hair stand up on in on my grandfather and she took a tube of blood and look at it under the microscope and when she did she witnessed a murder after that both of them they took turns giving the medicine because then I’m calling it medicine because one of you did thank you they took turns giving it they were married 417 years she lived to be a hundred and forty live to be a hundred and forty-two they said that that was the only time in their marriage that they didn’t have intercourse or have sex with each other face they didn’t because they couldn’t because once they figured it out they started giving it to everybody and they were the only two that caught the chlamydia

  8. I don’t think that I would treat this any different than any other penicillin that we give except for the half a cup first dose I give a half a cup first nose and 2 tablespoons four times a day after that I think that would be and the best more than likely for 10 to 15 days

  9. can you please post the links as viewed LIVE by the chat window participants for re-watching and sharing cogent info please and thanks?


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