Dr Mike Ryan talks about young people’s role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic


“It is hard to put your life on hold, but we need young people’s energy, to take control of our society and our future, which includes fighting COVID-19 – Dr Mike Ryan, WHO Emergencies Programme Executive Director


  1. That’s right, Ryan, get the kids involved to spy and snitch on their parents and neighbors for a FAKE PANDEMIC. The evil is showing on your face, body and your overall health. You are literally a very sick man. Your day will come… very soon.

  2. Wanting the young & dumb that ain’t got clue so the who and un can manipulate them to push there new world order agenda thinking it’s best thing in the world. ✌️

  3. I vote for Mike as WHO Director ! Out with KOWTOWing Tedros who caused loss of most major funding and condidence to the WHO. They lost all face in the world KOWTOWING to the CCP narrative. Period !

  4. Dr Mike Ryan you are by far one of the best leaders. Thank you for all your commitments.
    Dr Alessandro DIANA

  5. Dr Ryan, my medical hero! He and all the WHO frontline staff sacrifice their lives to save ours, wherever we are on this planet!

  6. Don’t fool yourself with many more to come man made codvic- 19 isn’t a virus:) god plagues upon the nations exodus 9:14

  7. At this stage four year olds in Ireland have spent 10% of their lives in an effective isolation. Have you carried out any studies on the potential effect of this. Have their socialisation skills or educations been damaged? They will inherit a debt (on top of a bank bailout debt) to pay for it. The over 65’s (the chief beneficiaries}certainly won’t be paying much. It seems the new “original sin” is a debt of about fifty thousand per child. The present cost (in budget deficit) is over one million per contracted case of covid or over twelve million per death attributed to covid (95% over sixty fives). An abortion can be had freely ( four hundred and fifty euros paid by the state to the performing doctor) for a young mother who cannot afford a child. So much for the WHO.


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