Dr Tedros talks about the importance of contact tracing in the context of COVID-19 pandemic


“We learned during Ebola outbreaks in the DRC that no matter how bad the situation is, there’s always hope.‬ The same applies to our fight against COVID-19. With strong leadership, community engagement and a comprehensive strategy to suppress transmission and save lives, this virus can be stopped.” Dr Tedros, WHO Director-General

Watch the entire press conference here:


  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم احد الفديوهات اللتى نشرتها عبر اليتيوب ها هى تنباُت بها ولست عالماً فى الحقيقة بعض القنوات اللتى انا اشتركت فيها قد تسرق هذة الفكرة وانا لا اغضب من شئ واريد النظر فى الامر والعمل علية نشرت هذه الفديوهات ليقوم احد بى الرد على ولاكن لم يستجب لى احد ف قومت بنشرها على اليتيوب لكى اطلع الناس على تنبأى الكثير من الناس بعض النظر فى الفديوهات يسالنى ما هى تلك المرأة اللتى تظهر فى الفديوهات ها هى المرأة اللتى اكتشفت بها تلك هذة الغازات اللتى تتسلل من عبر الغولاف الجوى سبحان الله العظيم ولا طمعاً فى شئ تلك هذة الفديوهات قد رفعتها عبر اليتيوب من 1/3/2020 ثم قمت بحذفها لانه لم يستجب لى احد فما علمت ان هذة المكروب اشتد فى بلدى مصر والعالم فقمت باعادتها لكى تاخذ الناس حزرها من المكروب انى اعلم طريقتان لى القضاء على المكروب ولا اقولهم لى احد الا المسولون لست ابالغ والله يعلم ولا طمعاً فى شئ الا انقاذ البشرية فى الفديو القادم اقول ما تنبأت به من الطبيعه بعض الدول تبحث عن العلاج لاجل المال وليس لاجل انقاظ الناس قد علمت بذلك انى غاضباً والمال لا ينفع بى شئ سبحان الله له الدوام والعافية من عند الله والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة /2/7/2020/

  2. Good Comrade Tedros we will use the contact tracers to sniff out the collusionists that stand against us and together we will put them to jail for the glory of our global communist movement.

    This tactic will advance the world for peace, fair justice, global unity and equality for everyone under our movement.

  3. Us Critical Thinkers know how to boost our immune system, we know the benefits of probiotics an eating good clean food. We shop smart an wisely when it comes to grocery shopping an we avoid process junk food. We exercise,we social interact with each other because it’s good for the mind,body an soul. We are One. We take no advice from strangers like Bill Gates, my friend has over 35 years of experience treating patients an he’s met people an families affected by Bill Gates Vaccines,…dont let the money fool you people,follow the money instead..Fauci,The CDC,The World Health Organization are all corrupted pieces of shit..strangers your never ever going to meet,they don’t care about you. Didn’t they ever teach you not to take anything from strangers?Do you know what’s in a vaccine? If they really cared about you they wouldn’t allow Monsanto to Jeopardize our food..if they really cared about you they wouldn’t prescribe chemotherapy to these cancer patients. Does the idea of taking poison to get healthy sound right to you? Do you American have any commen sense anymore? Chemotherapy = Billions. The press is a giant keyboard in which the government can play -Joseph Goebbels

  4. THIS MORON IS STILL THERE!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!
    edit: also i note again the unhappy comments below are not reflective of the dislikes on this vid…

  5. Germ theory is fraudulent, used to trick humanity into believing they are deficient in chemicals. Covid 19 is figment of eugenicists imagination. Contract tracing is required to enslave humanity when they turn the earth into a giant people farm

  6. *Thank you, Dr. Tedros, for patiently always reinforcing the same guidelines since politicians in several countries tend to prioritize the immediate economic results and interests of the dominant economic classes rather than the health of the population and their lives.*

    Warmest regards,

    Drª Sônia, MD

  7. horrible man Tedros, it is all his fault, he is criminal, hope he will be punished soon!!! WHO is the worst organization ever!

  8. he himself spread fake news one day mask help another day mask dont help itd. Put him in yail for killing old people with wrong medical treatments

  9. 🇹 🇪 🇩 🇷 🇴 🇸  🇸 🇺 🇨 🇰 🇸 
    🇯 🇮 🇳 🇵 🇮 🇳 🇬 ’🇸 
    🇩 🇮 🇨 🇰

  10. snif snif… me huele alarmista… cuantos millones de personas muere de hambre y ustedes no dicen nada. y no me vengan a decir que con este virus millones de personas mueren. repudio sus mentiras.


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