Dr Tedros talks about the threat of vaccine nationalism


“If and when we have an effective COVID-19 vaccine, we must also use it effectively.
I will repeat again: vaccine nationalism will prolong the pandemic, not shorten it.” WHO Director-General Dr Tedros.

Watch the entire press conference of the 4th of September 2020 here: https://youtu.be/7DUfh1hpxpI


  1. Absolutely moral.

    My money is on that the US will always find a way to punish whoever does the right as it always have been doing, if the US doesn’t get to take advantage of vaccine nationalism itself.


  3. First case / example

       1. Country A and B .. country A has a population of 2 billion people country B has a population of 300 million .. the currency of country A to country B has 3 thousand money .. and country A provides debts to many countries to countries C, D and E

       The question of why country A has currency to country b 3 thousand … and why country A is higher in currency than country B. if country A has more population than country B .. and country A owes debt to C, D and E means  they have more money for the population and build the country .. the more the population should be the greater the expenses such as education, health, welfare, development, paying officials etc … print as much currency and then offer country A currency loans to many countries.  .  and order people to invest in other countries .. and that money can be exchanged for natural resources, create media, investment in other countries, businesses in other countries, make slaves (employees) .. how can a population of 2 billion to a country with a population of 300 million  resident currency of country A is higher than country B

  4. vaccine doesnot cure stupidity infection is a life style disease caused by bad habits ignorance bad habitat prevention is consciousness of healthy habits good habits good holistic organic food undegraded habitat Hippocrates and ayur veda ” food is mediicne ” hippocrates usied 400 herbs WHO has a department of traditional meidicine it should every day promote ayur veda and TCM ethnobotany and environmental mediicine natural nutrition science lifestyle mediicne naturopaathic mediicne W H O is not a stockholder in atheist drug industry drug industry is not a saint or charity W H O as drug addict has failed humanity 25 000 deaths per day from pollution has W H O banne dpollution 10 000 deaths per day from alcohol 300 deaths per day in USA from side effects of drugs WHO is awaste of money and air time

  5. Time too look for vitamine D and the Spanish investation or the video from doctor John Campbell. Why ? WHO? The poor people from the World can get very cheap HELP from the World.

  6. Crime against Humanity. The Left and the Right politics and Scientists involved. Unbelievable ,how the world functions ,killer states and government’s and organisations are still being regarded as Democratic ,Intelligent and Humane . Covid 19 is real…plandemic. Fact!

  7. Associated press released info from WHO data that their polio vaccine is CAUSING polio in severalAfrican countries namely Sudan right now. If it’s eradicated why do you keep injecting poison into children? It has killed at least 2 children in Sudan recently and paralyzed many others all over the world yet you still want to vaccinate more African children! You push lies and cover up the REAL science being done by brave doctors and scientist that are being banned and silenced. You do not care about telling the truth about the dangers of vaccines and you do not care about black lives or any lives. The vaccines you are pushing are destroying the health, immune systems, sterilizing, and retarding children and ruining their beautiful precious lives. Your organization is a scourge on the earth

  8. I can’t believe they allow comments. Don’t they know you can’t run a propaganda operation of you allow the public to combat your propaganda in the comments section.

  9. He is the most confused person on this earth. Hey buddy no one is asking your advices , you have already done what you wanted not to tell the whole world about pandemic on time that’s the only reason Russia , US and other country is not bothered on your stupid and ridiculous statements. I am
    Surprised how you face your family and so eye contact whenever you see them. A big shame on you.

  10. Dear Dr. TEDROS , What do you see, when you look at the man in the mirror. Can you comprehend the gravity of what you have done sir. You are responsible Sir, for the largest, COSTLIEST, and DEADLIEST blunder in human history. Do you have the ability to feel the tears of the famillies. Do you sleep at night. I hope you do care……because its all your fault. You carry on as if it is of no concern to you. Soon justice will come for you and president Xi.


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