First COVAX deliveries and campaigns begin


On 24 February Ghana became the first country to receive vaccines shipped and delivered by COVAX. Vaccination campaigns began the following week. Despite the odds, we’ve proved that a multilateral, global solution to a pandemic is possible.


  1. Everyone at this organization need to be FULLY charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.
    The world now knows the TRUTH.

  2. Individual countries need to follow their Food and Drug Laws and request the chemical dossiers of these vaccines and test samples to validate what’s inside these vaccines. Concerned citizens across the world should be demanding these testing for transparency and to hold the WHO accountable. More so countries with the capacity and technical infrastructure should initiate this since it is not really a vaccine but a genetic engineering. This will allow countries to maintain their sovetenty as individual nations and not bow to the new world order.

  3. Why not promote healthy eating & lifestyle instead of pushing & promoting vaccines for big pharma as the only solution


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