Full news conference: Gov. Polis provides update on state’s response to coronavirus – Sept. 11, 2020


Governor Jared Polis provided an update to the state’s response on coronavirus on the half-year mark of the disease being declared a pandemic by the WHO.


  1. Recall Poleass recall Poleass recall Poleass! Could live a lifetime without seeing his stupid face ever again, or his polices! Testing doesn’t do crap, you need sick or dead from!!!! Screw your testing, not gonna happen! You will NEVER know the right data smidiot! Today is 9/11 jerk, remember that? How much of your millions do you donate? And MASKS aren’t helping it’s that the virus is leaving geezus!! Just a bunch of panic poodles!!!restriction restriction restriction that’s all they want!!! NO MASKS. IT ENDS NOW!!

  2. People touch their face and mouth on average 10x more with masks than without. There is no science to state that masks do anything beneficial, there is science to show the contrary.
    You are a joke.


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