Gov. Polis June 9 news conference on COVID-19, final days of legislative session


Gov. Jared Polis discussed the latest on COVID-19 in Colorado, the passage of Senate Bill 217, the work surrounding the budget, and the ongoing demonstrations in Colorado at a news conference Tuesday.


  1. bottom line corna virus is the same as 5g virus so the bankrupt agent made corona to cover there ass for killing people this is how the Antichrist worker do things wake people to what they are realy doing

  2. this governor is a puppet that sad my eye and ears tell the truth not some lying words that come out of a evil man mouth and one man sed there a virus and all of you hide in your homes it show who your GOD is the Antichrist and how brainwash you realy are sorry

  3. This is all retarded let’s drop the lies n move on with our life’s we severed enough for three months let’s get shit back to normal again

  4. Fear. Mongering. Cases are on the rise because we’re TESTING MORE PEOPLE. The percentage of people who are testing positive are plummeting. He refuses to acknowledge this because he wants to keep us under his thumb until the end of time. It’s time to move on from COVID and get back to our lives.

  5. Man all you people commenting are so freaking sad it’s disgusting. Y’all into negativity so much? You have no clue about anything

  6. Governor Polis I haven’t heard any updates on the drive-in theaters. I understand everybody’s camping and everything so why can’t people sit outside their vehicles to go watch a movie at the drive-in when they are at least six feet away usually or always?


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