Gov. Polis plans to extend statewide mask mandate


Gov. Jared Polis plans to extend Colorado’s statewide mask mandate before it expires this weekend, his staff confirmed Wednesday.


  1. It should be a choice. Not his choice. I don’t see an uprise in cases, so what are we doing here? He’s benefiting somehow?

  2. Public accommodations. That’s what most business is. These mandates go against existing law that went through a legislative process. It’s time for free breathers to start documenting these discrimination and violent encounters for not wearing a face diaper and Sue individuals for everything they have.

  3. Mask don’t work, they say don’t touch your face during a pandemic how often do masks make you touch your face! Stop the lies end the mandate. It may slow the spread, but it is also keeping it around longer, a faster spread to healthy population could weaken the virus to where it can’t find a host or a host naturalizes it like sars one that is now one of the common colds. So if you have a cold don’t get tested for covid 19 a high chase of a false reading. The test can’t tell the difference between a cold and Covid 19 or any other covid stran you have in your system.


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