Gov. Polis provides COVID-19 update


The Colorado governor and state officials discuss the latest in response to the pandemic and vaccination distribution efforts.


  1. People will have more faith on vaccines if they are allowed to choose one.They will not feel like beggars who can’t choose. Whatever is given to you is what u receive makes you hesitant. Some ppl get allergies easily, some are sensitive to higher dose n volume and some don’t like the vacs based on foetal line of cells. So I think it would be better if they can pick.
    For example, I am allergic to almost everything and since I am a cardiac patient I cannot use an Epi-pen / epinephrine, hence me and my doctor can decide which vaccine is better for my health condition.I heard in Connecticut they are now allowed to choose, don’t know if this is true.Please kindly consider the matter atleast for people with health issues.Thank you


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