Gov. Polis signs electronic wills act, occupational therapy practice act, state income tax deduction


Governor Jared Polis signed three bills into law on Thursday, January 21, 2021. Legislators passed the three bills last week before taking a recess until February.

The bills being signed here are:
🔵 HB21-1004 – Colorado Uniform Electronic Wills Act — which permits s electronic wills because increasing the convenience and reducing the cost of executing a will is the least we can do for grieving families.

🔵 SB21-003 – Recreate Occupational Therapy Practice Act — which recreates the Occupational Therapy Practice Act, which repealed late last year and is essential to the more than 1200 occupational therapists working across our state.

🔵 HB21-1002 – Reductions Certain Taxpayers’ Income Tax Liability — which creates a state income tax deduction, allowing taxpayers who carry back federal income tax deductions as allowed under the federal CARES Act to access corresponding state income tax benefits in 2021 and future tax years. It also broadens eligibility for the state earned income tax credit in 2020.


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