How to protect yourself in the infodemic


Check the video and see how young people seize opportunities provided by an unprecedented access to information and digital technologies to communicate, share information and contribute to the COVID-19 response.

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  1. Why would you be worried? The truth will always stand up to scrutiny! Problem is your BS is now being exposed and easily…

  2. WHO is the only source for the false information and the WHO members are the of the chinise virus . Whay the chinise virus in the alle the world ? Whay ? WHO killed pepole they must be arrested @arrestTidros

  3. 🐻 Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu 🌿
    🐻 Sabbe Satta Bhavanthu Sukhitatta 🌿🌿
    🐻 May all Beings be Happy ❤️💕💞💕💗 പ്പെട്ടത് 🌏🌎🌍 റ്റഗ്ഗംഡ്യൂഗ്ഗം 🐻 🌱🥥🌱🍊🌱🥑🌱🍇 Be Vegan 🌱🍎🌱 റ്റഗ്ഗംഡ്യൂ 🐻

  4. World health organization is always telling us something we already know. People who don’t know are just sheep. The media is feeding nothing but hype.

  5. Look how desperate they are, people don’t look at any one that has actual facts, viruses can’t be spread or caught. Covid 19 virus as well as any other viruses has never been isolated or proved contagious. Sars cov2 aka covid 19 genome sequence just happens to be identical to chromosome 8 on human DNA lol “get it humanity is the virus “

  6. The fact is this fake virus is being used to depopulate the world and enslave what is left there will be nothing left of humanity if this new world order continues by the way there are millions of missing children in America alone every year and the only stolen land is in the middle East

  7. This is a very basic general overview of virology and immunology in relation to this pandemic that for some bizarre reason are not being discussed by the scientific mainstream. There are likely dozens if not hundreds of corona virus antibody immunity’s in all of us right now from historic past pandemic outbreaks. Right now in present time there are 7 corona viruses circulating the globe that nobody really even knows exist caused by two fundamental biological factors, virulence dilution from our internal immune defense mechanisms (population acquired immunity or heard Immunity) and antigenic shift (mutations). (This is also precisely the reason why there has never before in history been an effective vaccine for a cor/virus or viably effective flu/vac). The virulence is invariably weakened and the spike and surface proteins will have altered by the Ribosome’s error prone RNA polymerase replication system inside the cells nucleus long before any vaccine has time to be developed and tested.

    Even though SARS-cov-2 is considered a novel virus, our immune system recognize cov19 at least in a partial RNA sequencing and the foreign invader is usually snuffed with relative ease and commonality. In microgenetics terms by definition there are no such things as a totally novel and independently genetically coded virus, they all share similar RNA sequencing and hijacked and borrowed protein micromachinery. This is exactly why Sars-cov-2 goes undetected and is completely benign and harmless in the vast majority of the populations infections. There is a response to partial antibody T-Cell memorization recall recognition, occurring with almost everyone across the globe making the virulence malignancy very weak within the healthy population.

    The problems only really occur with corona as with flu virus infections when the immune system is damaged or isn’t working properly from immunity degradation in very old people or people with severe chronic comorbidity’s or other immunocomromise diseases.


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