How to protect yourself in the infodemic?


Sharing unverified information during the COVID-19 pandemic can be dangerous, unhealthy, and make our life more confusing. UNESCO and the World Health Organization are calling out this Infodemic and calling on you to be on the frontline for truth. It’s easy. Watch the video for the simple actions we can all take on how to identify false information, verify trusted sources, and help ourselves and loved ones to stay safe.

More info on WHO infodemic management and register for the first who global infodemiology conference:
Read UNESCO’s Policy Briefs: Combating the disinfodemic via:


  1. The ‘facts’ keep changing.
    Your website says 1m distancing.
    Governments, that rely on your info direction, claim 2m distancing.

    You never talk about healthy immune systems, nutrition or how to achieve either.

    Use your $$$ to get the above to those who are in need.

    Millions/billions bring it going to be spent on vaccines.
    Use that $$$ towards food, vitamins, gardening educational videos, etc.

    Teach people.
    Don’t make them dependent upon you.

    Then you wouldn’t have a job.

  2. first stage 

    We need to make the inter-Korean exchange industry more secure, and there should be exchange projects in South Korea, North Korea, rice, beef, chicken, pork, electricity, gas and water. Also, there should be exports and imports of goods such as airport travel, sports, home appliances, shampoo, cosmetics, clothes, etc. to South Korea and North Korea. And we need to conclude the peace agreement as soon as possible. And whether it’s a military communication line between North and South Korea, a private company has to offer phones to all parts of North Korea, and there has to be an inter-Korean exchange project between North Korea and South Korea.

    second stage 

    The Foreign Ministry can go to the United States and negotiate with North Korea to recognize its nuclear program. And the Minister of Foreign Affairs should go to the U.S. and persuade them how long the two Koreas will have to live in pain. We’re trying to unite the Korean people, but since the United States is not a party, you have to tell us not to interfere anymore in Korea that we don’t even know.

    Step 3 

    North Korea is already a nuclear power, but the United States doesn’t approve of it. You have to make him admit it. China and Russia have recognized it. North Korea admitted to having nuclear weapons. The South Korean government should recognize North Korea as a nuclear power.

    타겟 TTS

    복사하기번역 저장번역 저장


  3. thank you for telling us we already know lol a little late just like your not telling the world back in december

  4. I call out WHO for broadcasting the lie that masks won’t protect you from CV19. Medical professionals have used masks for decades to prevent the spread of disease, yet the WHO broadcast a video that suggested masks were not effective for that very purpose. Then after the mask shortage was minimized they changed their position.

  5. We’re not just fighting a pandemic. We’re fighting the world health organization that declared a pandemic, told the entire world to close down, Put everyone health on house arrest, wanted to separate families, and killed the economy for everyone.

  6. World health organization is a terrorist organization. We should be sending cruise missiles to every who member and their families like we did to Hussein and osama bin laden.

  7. I hope covid19 can go away, but virus that cause flu always come in the cold season. I think vaccine is the only solution.

  8. yilmaz seker information beachten frau heil rumenische ärztin hat mit angela merkel 300 regierungen entführen lassen und binjamin netanyaho entführt am 06 04 1994 befreinungs truppe yilmaz seker hat sie befreit aber in deutschland hat 1 richterin und 1 richter gelogen und die staatsanwaltschaft und angela merkel hat partei ergriffen und macht nichts gegen die tater beweis rechtkräftige beschluss gegn mich 11 jahre haft und sie haben nicht die tater erfASST

  9. simple do not listen to the CHO…political interference from the CCP has just been confirmed in Australia and the moron quoted the same garbage your dictator did.

  10. Thanks WHO; maybe you have to drag people unwillingly to be saved but we do all need to work together.

    The people who are the sources of the bullshit though…..a more difficult question.

  11. Call for a permanent end to live-animal markets!
    Live-animal markets sell live and dead animals and exist all around the globe, with more than 80 in New York City alone.
    At these markets, the cages are stacked one over another. Animals at the bottom are often soaked with all kinds of liquid. Animal excrement, pus, blood. Such conditions allow viruses to spread from one animal to another as well as to humans who come into contact with them. All such markets are potential breeding grounds for zoonotic diseases, such as COVID-19, SARS, and MERS.


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