LIVE from Wuhan : Media briefing on COVID-19 origin mission



  1. They cannot trace how bats spread to camels to humans with MERS. That was a few years back. What makes you think it is easy to trace virus outbreaks? Those people who don’t even understand high school science are the ones making the most noise about virus tracing and all. As if it is as simple as your brain circuitry.

  2. All blinded by money, corrupted to the bones. Karma will take away the things/people you love the most , you will eventually have to pay back. It’s just the matter of time.

  3. Don’t believe this report …another corrupt report…why china didnt allow to investigate earlier… they had to clean up….now no evidence….what a joke

  4. Right off the bat:

    I will not be able to transcribe or translate all of it from diplomatic speak due to sheer time constraints and the length of the publication. I would suggest demanding full transcription of this press conference from WHO, in massive numbers. This would force them to release the transcript and thus make it far more easier to analyze, what was really being said.

    Right now, what is written here, is my opinion and/or understanding only. I may and most likely am wrong in some parts.


    Translator has been coached. And the translation is wonky at best. A lot may have been missed. Why?

    Addition: The translation is very wonky and grammatically incorrect in many parts. This is usually the case, when a proper, well trained interpreter is not present. This translator is not only a sub, but most likely the one to control the flow of information. We need a proper Chinese translation of the press conference, to compare discrepancies. That is going to be very hard to do.

    Revision 1: It seems, that I was thankfully wrong. The translator is just inexperienced in translating such press conference. Lot of things may be lost in translation or wrongly implied in translation.

    Addition 2: The fact that they are putting on the chinese side first, means that the Chinese are defending something. WHO would have not agreed to this, if they did not want to send a hidden message. While it can not be treated as admission of guilt, it is highly suspicious. Usually, the first to talk, should be the invite, in what they were doing and what they found, especially when dealing with totalitarian regime. However, going this route, the WHO has not even made an effort to ease the diplomatic tensions between the accused and the accuser.

    Addition 3: “who takes the blame” is unfortunately fueling my confirmation bias towards a theory, that WUHAN lab was the source of the outbreak.

    =====The possible implications/opinion, based on translation given (DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN OPINION, AND Can be partially or entirely wrong)=====
    “Discussing and abundant conversation” = Abundant usually means heated. Someone was not happy.
    The team members were not even named by their names, but by Chinese translations? That I do not believe. Something was left out there.

    “Press has been invited” = Only press that does not criticize or is not confrontational, has been allowed in.
    Pretty “Going to introduce you to” is another diplomatic euphemism.

    “Convinced by WHO,” Here we go, the blame game. Basically they are saying, that it is WHO that convinced the Chinese to let the international research team in. Problem with this statement? With a faulty translation like that, it can be misinterpreted.

    Relevance of Research crystallization? I think, clarity was meant here. If the findings are based on the relevance of research clarity, then that’s an interesting position to take. This may be relevant later. “Previous research and analyzes will laos be included in these reports” unexpectedly clear translation. Hmm.

    “In may of 2020 the world health assembly requested the director general of world health organization to work with the partners to identify zoonotic source of Sars-Cov-2, the causative virus of covid19, and the raltive(relativity) of it’s introduction to human population, including the possible role of the intermediate hosts. The aim was to prevent reinfection with the virus in animals and humans and prevent the establishment of a new zoonotic reservoir as well as to reduce further risk of emergence and transmission of zoonotic diseases.”

    This is thankfully quite self explanatory. However, there is an underdone of “it is not the whole truth” here.

    “In july 2020 WHO with China began the groundwork for studies to identify the virus origins.They agreed to terms of references or tor, defining the scope of the studies,the main guiding principles and the main expected deliverables (!). These TORs, in research and initial phase of short term studies to better understand how the virus might have been introduced and started to circulate in *censored/ Wuhan(you can make it out if you listen carefully)*. (!) The WHO Secretariat and government of china together established international multi-disciplinary team to design, support and conduct these studies, to contribute to tracing of the origin of sars-cov-2 and the route of it’s transmission to human beings. The work of the international team will(!) set the ground for origin chasing work elsewhere (!)”

    A lot of red flags. The fact that there were expectancies to results, as well as the fact that “to circulate in Wuhan” was censored by what seemed as either tehcnical clitch or low voice pronounciation. Basically it was laid there to find.

    This is going to be a dozy. Now the scientific principles work on by establishing hypothesis and how you may find both contradictory evidence to and supporting that hypothesis. That’s all in dandy. However, what I don’t like is the wording used here. Expected deliverables, indicates that it was all a colluded show to try and give the public results that were already predetermined beforehand in july 2020. This alone is a giant red flag. It does not help that usually laying the groundwork means paperwork and/or infrastructure work, and lots of it. While alone it may have not been much of a red flag, but combined with the deliverables and the fact that the aim is to set an example of how the international team will work, is basically saying “Ok, who is going to take the blame? Cause WHO and China have layed the groundwork, now you other guys need to decide, who takes the blame.” It does not help, that laying the groundwork can mean “getting rid of evidence by hiding behind the bureaucracy, but does not neccesserely mean that. It is understandable why the good doctor could not watch it. This press briefing was made for politicians, not for ordinary folk. They tried to calm the ordinary folk with faulty translation, but if you start analyzing this carefully, you see mayor red flags that suggest trump did the right thing, when he defunded the WHO, who is now a global political entity, not health one.

  5. I am truly embarrassed i live in an era where an health organization we are supposed to trust would blatantly help a country lie after they hid evidence for a year from the same organization… tremendously appalled 😦

  6. So this is what we paid for while our elders died & people were told clap at 8pm for the NHS. There’s a great song by Kieser Chiefs “I predict a riot….” shame on WHO

  7. Je suis le principe laïque&souverain je ne suis plus contraint et je ne puis contraindre par conséquent je suis l’espace qui se révèle lorsque l’on a fini avec les affaires religieuses j’inaugure cet espace et j’ouvre l’ère digitale une nouvelle humanisation de l’être nécessaire barrière naturelle infranchissable aux virus pathologie non humaine par fécondation de celui qui flotte l’homme digital l’humain légitime HomEsCardien qui est choisi pour féconder la civilisation digitale Ne pas le faire savoir est inscrit comme crime contre l’humanisation des hominidés dépourvus l’être nécessaire ils ne flottent pas ils ont le droit d’accéder au statut d’humain et la pandémisation reculera par une nouvelle humanisation offensive Par inadvertance on ne saurait négliger la recherche physique comme la mise à découvert du boson de Higgs élément à l’origine de la pandémie les non humains sont démasqués ils portent des masques il en va de même de la fissure d’atome qui est à l’origine de la fissure de la couche d’ozone Dans ces conditions la poursuite de l’humanisation est la porte de sortie honorable de la pandémisation parce que je suis le principEUniversel esprit de loi la décision est déjà prise YKUTCZFOOKOO

  8. If you want to see a SHOW which has NOTHING to do with science or research, but everything with politics please watch this.
    Scientists working for the WHO should be ashamed because you have sold your scientific skepticism and rationale for money.
    Maybe the WHO could mention while Tedros was giving the world the impression everything was ‘under control’ in China (as such purely stating what his master Xinping wanted him to say) at the same time, internally WHO-members were frustrated they nearly got no date from China (please watch the BBC documentary with the leaked international conversation from the WHO).
    While there were several similar clusters in Wuhan already in December clearly indicating an infectious disease as several Chinese doctors had indicated, Chinese government chose the ‘save face’ tactic and even went ahead with Chinese Newyear and when the truth could no longer be hidden THEN they acted when it was already far too late.
    Any serious scientist should not be working for the WHO unless you’re willing to sell your scientific scrutiny to the highest bidder.

  9. A zoonosis is a disease that can be transmitted from a non-human animal to a human. Several invertebrates are known to be carriers of zoonotic diseases. These invertebrates include ticks, flies, fleas, lice and assassin bugs.

  10. This is what happened when the western media has the absolute dominance. Most of u got no evidence but still have the confidence to blame China. Its not facts that attract you here isnt it? Its feeling of threat, imaginary enemy made by western media and guessed conclusion already in your head.

  11. 1:41:40 CRINGE “these are very good questions you should join us at the team next time” DUDE WHAT

    she’s a journalist
    it’s her job to ask experts questions, she doesn’t need compliments
    you’re the expert, she doesn’t want to do your job.

    Probably she should do your job tho.

  12. These scumbags clearly covered their tracks and inept WHO investigators lacked any degree of investigative diligence or thoroughness. China has killed millions and have committed an act of war. It’s time that they pay the price!

  13. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus
    Show us the connection between China Lab and US NIH using Ferret Covid Research and China Bat Research at the China Lab. Also show how much Money and support you received from NIH in this Covid Research before the accidental release at the China Lab in Late 2019. And why did China receive Biological Defense Research from US?

  14. Covid-19 was made in lab, Google this paper online:
    A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence

  15. 50 yr. as a R.Nurse I realize the vaccine, lockdowns, gag orders, censorship are all blatant acts of bullying, domination and control over the many by the few.. Time for clean air, water, food & energy. We need sustainable, renewable energy NOW. They have RAPED our planet long enough we need to stand up and take responsibility and defend our rights to live a life fully alive. I feel strongly that everything happening is a coverup for the devastating affects 5G… SkyFi…with hundreds of satellites will have on all life and on our sweet planet . GBK (gov.,big bus. Klaus KGB) need to be help responsible!

  16. I hope each one of these people is reliving this shameful presentation over an over in their head as each sleeplessly tosses and turns in bed every night. Why would they willingly follow in this blatant self-delusion?!

  17. Because I can die I understand death, if I didn’t understand death, I would never be able to die. What the f*ck are you researching when you say ‘death’? Do the responsible thing and STEP DOWN. STEP DOWN, or else I’ll respect you, and be myself. If you hurt someone they become weak, and then your own leadership skills are destroyed. THIS guy wants to talk about LEADERSHIP?


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