Live Q&A on COVID-19 labs and testing



  1. Boycott WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION/ WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION/ UNIVERSAL PARCEL UNION / UNITED NATIONS / allowing CCP grow with unfair trade practices / they allow CCP the shield hide behind / don’t recognise Taiwan sovereign state all are based in Switzerland all under CCP control

  2. Kenneth an American who works and live near Washington DC and Fort Detrick says he got Covid-19 in October 2019 before the Wuhan military games. See Dr John Campbell video dated June 20th 2020. The interview is towards the end of the video. Also it was reported recently that in March 2019 in Barcelona, Spain Covid-19 was detected in sewage. This indicates that Covid-19 did not originate in China but probably came to China from where it appeared earlier.

  3. The WHO needs to insist on banning all wet markets: cages are stacked one over another with animals at the bottom often soaked with excrement, pus, and blood. Such conditions allow viruses to spread from one animal to another as well as to humans who come into contact with them. All such markets are potential breeding grounds for zoonotic diseases, such as COVID-19, SARS, and MERS.

  4. Negative comments are from supporters of Taiwan DPP, Anti-CCP, Anti-vaxxers, Anti-science, Plandemic, Anti-Bill Gates, Trump, Anti-WHO, Anti-UN, Freedom extremist.
    Please add if any group is missing.

  5. We suggest WHO that do not wear mask and do not ban travel. WHO help us to make your western country into ruin. We are the winner. We Chinese will rule the world. The world belongs to Chinese!

  6. That virus was declared on the 31 of December by Taiwan, but only declared as problem “pandemic” when it was already spread all over the world in 11 of March (71 days later). Someone messed up really bad. Who is responsable for the 552000 known deaths?

  7. regarding spread through air i think they mislead people allover all countries

  8. first of all explain to the people how, this so called virus covid 19 is caused by, along with many others, have never been scientifically proven to exist by the medical industries own criteria. Then explain how the RT PCR test is not testing for any virus, that it only detects RNA fragments “of who knows what”, which explains how a sheep, goat, papaya, water and nothing (people in US sent the specimens empty, as in they did not swab anything and still came back with positive results), that all tested positive for covid 19 ha ha ha, Kary Mullis creater of rt pct test clearly said this should never be used to diagnose anything. Its all a distraction, because people realize that none of this makes any sense, the data does not add up but the secret is that its all fraudulent…………viruses are not contagious, when the body is toxic or has been poisoned, it produces a sort of solvent to package up the toxic material and expel it from the body, via phlegm, diarrhea, vomiting, snot, etc etc etc basically the symptoms of any so called disease


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