Live Q&A on COVID-19 with Dr Mike Ryan and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove! Ask your questions!



  1. So, three whole useless questions were answered. Why not tell the public the genome sequences and what they do, and how the virus targets and attacks? Why is there a “spellchecker” sequence to prevent unviable mutations of the virus in the sequence? Why not answer real questions? I dont care if your son drew a rainbow, I care if the virus mutations will hinder immunity, and throw a vaccine into oblivion

  2. Dr. Maria, thank you for your kind, positive, and reassuring words. We need hope in this time of uncertainty. It feels goods to hear that we are getting close to defeat this virus in a way of a vaccine.

  3. Thank you WHO for your excellent work and guidance in this pandemic despite being bully by US and her puppets. It is shameful for US government to attack others to deflect their responsibilities, and the people should not be in silent with their government either.

  4. Some countries have no local cases for over a month but they began to have infected cases again. Is it possible that some people might carry the virus for longer than 14 days or even 30 days before infecting others? Can people get infected from touching the imported packages? So should government disinfect all imported packages before delivering to customers?

  5. Dr. maria dr. ryan my question is before, during, and after. Example we have the therapeutic medicine or a vaccine medicine before we applied the medicine to the infected patients what should be the medication treatment procedure and what should be the test or research it must be implemented to the infected person or what are. And so on after medication or clinical treatment well know what so ever if prior to test again. The first indication test or research before clinical medication or treatment and the after clinical or medication treatment. If the medicine is already applied or injected to the infected person what should be need to monitor during the medicine flowing to the organ system nerve system and in the circulatory system. And after all the phase are applied is there a test and research or diagnostic.

  6. WHO, where is your attentions to the victims of pedophilia. How about the mental health of the victims of pedophilia and their family? Do you have plans to solve about how to cure mental health of victims of pedophilia? They are innocent children. We need to save them from bad people in this world. We will wait your move that you really care about the victims of pedophilia. We will wait your programs to cure mental health of the victims of pedophilia. WHO, we will wait…

  7. It seems that this cruel pandemia was not able to change our view about how leaderships view a world with solid non-trespassing frontiers along with fear to compromise their position, one that we have so far followed and respected, in spite of questionable WHO representatives opposing or adhering to local political decisions who have induced severe damage to countries like ours (Chile), where delaying basic epidemiological measures brought us to the incredible 5th place in number of cases in the world behind countries with 10x or 20x our population. Then the crisis started to evidently kill people but numbers where accomodated or simply hidden, until an agency of the very same minister of Health had the courage to question and provide the correct numbers based on WHO criteria. (30% more than the one officially reported). The Minister of Health (who claimed that the lethality was 1% and reassured people by buying hundreds od ventilators. Thats OK, but Intensive Care is what saves lifes, not only the ventilator. He was fired after Chile reached record undeserved numbers of sick and dead people. Then confidence and empathy was restored partially but damage was already done simply because unrespectful behavior shocked our country of 19 million people. Today the lethality is around 3%, the country had to get into a strict lockdown. Our intensive care units and personnel are still punished with a fragile 90% occupation rate.

    Talented, competent and seductive leadership should take this seriously EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK or we will see social disasters being the main sequela of the pandemia.

    And gentlemen, we are a serious about health and research discipline in our country. But we have received no invitation, no answers to our offer to participate in the trials, not a simple letter letter of explanation. Sorry for the length of the comment, but I guess someone will read this. Yes, this is an everyday sacrifice and not only a declaration of good intentions, unclear alliances and the deception of an entire community that feels left behind. And we paid a big price for health leaders and experts being unable to reveal privileges, economy being intentionally unmanageabled and personal agendas going untouched, while poor people and their sons will ask in the future who the heck the the good were. Maybe thats way you are barely heard in your zoom conference and never answer any any email.

    Have a busy and energy booster week,


    Ricardo Gomez, MD
    Profesor of OG
    Real traslainnovations in education, digital platforms and clinical research, Pontifiicia Universidad Catolica de Chile
    Campus Hospital La Florida (piublic)
    Ex visiting scientist at the NIH

  8. Thank you for what you do, despite what is suggested; I believe in what you say. Please help so that the vaccine can be scattered fairly. Bogotá in lockdown.

  9. I have a feeling world hoax organization is erasing the negative comments and padding the likes, because humanity doesn’t believe in your plandemic


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