Live Q&A on #COVID19 and older people. #AskWHO


Live Q&A on #COVID19 and older people. #AskWHO


  1. I Wanted to be volunteer for any field regarding Covid. E.g. Lab technician, sample collector, patient care. How do I know, which organization or hospital needs volunteers?

  2. A bunch of useless clowns, lead by that farce Tedros, and their puppet master Gates. Why do they even bother uploading such baseless content one will never know…..

  3. COVID “VACCINE” MAKER – MODERNA PHARMACEUTICALS – “The key challenge associated with DNA vaccines is that they must penetrate the cell nucleus (crossing two membranes; the cytoplasm and the nucleus). The DNA must then be transcribed in the nucleus into mRNA before moving to the cytoplasm to stimulate antigen production. This core complex pathway often requires both larger doses and special, often painful delivery devices using electric shocks or gold microspheres into person’s skin to deliver the DNA vaccine. Once inside the nucleus, DNA vaccines have a risk of permanently changing a person’s DNA.” NOTE SOURCE PDF Moderna Website: @t ….IF Moderna Source PDF gets erased file is available through @t: @t

  4. The WHO are systemically corrupt. Do not allow them to influence and infect you the way they are influencing and infecting our government officials. I prayer that violent opposition to this organization is not our only way forward. 🙏🏻

  5. Thank you for what you do, think that your help is essential no matter what we say. Life is about that, advancing despite adversity, and we are as sharks, apparently waiting for a chance to attack; evidently as blood for them, fragility awakens our killing sense in terms of opinion. Greetings from Bogotá.

  6. Why did we never give a damn about how many trillions of death before this virus 19 why the hell is it so much more important than being to death before

  7. Everyday people are died, people are struggling, people are sad, tears. It is too late for us, the only that you can do is ” FIND A VACCINE as soon as possible ready” … WITH VACCINE WE COULD BACK TO NORMAL SOON, we could eat, drink and no tears.. I think we don’t need this live video beacuse ONLY make us scare and worried about life regarding covid 19. I know it is important but the most important is FIND A VACCINE OF COVID 19 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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