Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. If you are so invested in research and surveillance of viruses around the world….how did you get your response to Covid 19 so wrong?

  2. I just wanted to let all the members realize their scientific ,historic,and global familiarity of all aspects of health support worldwide is appreciated in all respects. The application and focus to implementing science based methodologies across these diverse environments is unique and is an outstanding contribution in adding clarity to decision and risk based decisions worldwide. Your unique position also offers a “welcome” perspective without political weight factors that tend to skew the focus , ( economic prosperity ) as a domestically,albeit important factor to local governments to address. I think it is important,especially as governments shift focus towards reopening of their societies, that the WHO helps provide methodologies, specifically in the area of contract tracing , such as bluetooth phone connectivity distance measurement, that can be used worldwide, rather than coincident development in states,and countries of like applications. As more countries enter different stages of opening reporting of these contract tracing analytics will take a greater importance in local decision support going forward. Only with a common framework will the WHO be able to fine tune their recommendations as they apply in this area. Similarly, a standard measure of risk,in laymen’s terms would be a monumental aid to all to measure/rationalize their vulnerability’s towards engaging in “ non isolation” based activities in districts with varying levels of active community transmission. All gov’t measures tend to focus on Rt (i.e. spread growth rate), hospital Admission, and ICU levels, which are critical to medical facility capabilities and forecasts, but non highlight the most critical and personal risk factors for those in various age groups. i.e. If I am over 65 with comorbidity what are risks to have dental procedures, Wet AMD treatment (avastin), Breast cancer screening (annual). These can be life and death decisions and without a formalized risk perspective, it is merely a guesstimate by the least knowledgeable ( public). There should be a simplistic risk factor associated with current community spread, and activity based factors…..Thank you, and all members who focus on the saving of lives worldwide,leveraging science based perspectives ! We must never forget our common goal is minimizing death worldwide, not hospital vacancy rates, fastest return to economic prosperity. Everyone wins,the faster the control of the virus is assured. All return back to normalcy the faster we take control of the virus.

  3. Good day ,

    Please advise on following.

    1. Please advise on the Dr Tedros would step down
    2. Don’t you think lockdown would increase more suside case.
    3. At present lockdown situation have made the massive impact on anxiety level.
    4. Did WHO advise on Lockdown requirements.

  4. that fascist dictator is STILL THERE!!!!!!!! LMAO WHAT THE HELL!!!!! the CHO is still going and failing and lying to the world

  5. Despite all the controversy, I just want to point out, how this pandemic time let us see, how global economic trade tries to prevail no matter how and what is worst at the expenses of our own lives, I’m saying this because at least in Colombia where i come from our government is really obsessed and allied with economic groups to influence people to go back to their normal activities that are not essential, the message is we must learn to live risking our lives so in this way industrial economy can survive even when we won’t be able to. Our major Claudia Lopez fights with great courage against our president, who seems to be working for private groups instead of the welfare of the common citizen. From Bogotá thank you…

  6. Knowledge sharing from China about how they identified superspreaders is sadly missing. The comprehensive strategy needs this particular tool to be disseminated and WHO has a role in this, “how to identify and isolate super spreader individuals” . I have not seen a single video outside china on this topic. That means this knowledge or tool has not been disseminated

  7. 請問近代,推翻滿清(帝王制度)是誰?建立國號的是誰?
    有百姓才能建國 ; 無百姓吃飯都難。

  8. Tedros. I realize you think you are the best man for the job, but the world knows better. If you want your organization to have credibility you need to let someone else run the show who will be honest. You don’t talk science based, it is sad Tedros that you sold the people of the world for your own lack of a spine. I have never been more disappointed

  9. The WHO is totally corrupt and should not be allowed to have the word “Health” in full name… Why haven’t they ever spoken about and adviced the people how to strengthen their immune system?

  10. It really makes me smile that i see EVERY comment talking about how coreupt they are.. how can we the people vote or force our elected officials to defund them and make sure their word has no affect on the U.S. people are waking up in the millions

  11. I think the most valuable info of this conference is at the 45 minute mark where he says it all is up to the individual to mange themselves based on as much info as possible that they can gather.

  12. Applying Mask carbon dioxide inhaling making serious health problems and making oxygen shortage in patients

  13. The Pandemic is an agenda!! A HOAX the biggest train robbery since the great depression 100 years ago !! Its amazing sheeple will do exactly as told without question and without using common sense. The mask are pointless and displays the measurement of human reasoning skills . The news lies and fabricate numbers playing you on your ignorance and fear ! They lie to you about the damn symptoms. Since when is having a headache is Covid-19 related ? All of a sudden REGULAR HUMAN ALIMENTS SUCH AS COUGHING, SHORTNESS OF BREATH AND FEVER ARE COVID-19 related !! COVID-19 IS A HOAX NOT REAL ! ITS IN YOUR IMAGINATION AND FEAR ! YOU PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. The police don’t wear mask, Your president don’t wear a mask and the super wealthy don’t wear a fucking mask !!! That should be a damn clue right there… HUMANITY IS DOOMED

  14. I believe a certain philanthropist and his other owned companies funding almost 20% of WHO is a conflict of interest 😷💉

  15. at 43 minutes – again advocating contact tracing…… IF the people agree they will let you know. Not that you can demand.

  16. Why. Are WHO still operating? Useless bunch of idiots in bed with CCP. getting paid to help spread the virus


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