Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. *THANKS AGAIN TO ALL WHO GREAT TEAM WORKING ON COVID-19.* CORONAVÍRUS — 📖 Dra. Sônia 🕊     CANAL GRATUITO no Telegram com INFORMAÇÕES, ESCLARECIMENTOS e NOTÍCIAS DIÁRIAS sobre a PANDEMIA por COVID-19:  prevenção,  vacinas,  tratamentos,  clínica,  epidemiologia,  ações governamentais e populares,  finanças,  economia,  política, direitos, deveres,  educação,  cultura,  meio ambiente e demais áreas do conhecimento e da ação _influenciadas pela epidemia ou que a influenciam._  Dicas para relaxar etc.

    Médica infectologista, sanitarista, ex-pesquisadora do CNPq / UFSM,  com experiência em pandemia prévia.

  2. Theses only one thing the WHO care about


  3. Hear Hear No scapegoating. Scapegoating is a demotivating negative response. It lends itself towards do nothingness and skepticism of good sound validated science. Thanks for the report..

  4. This is the most dishonest and plain criminal information being perpetrated. Constant compulsive updates on person by person infection tallies without context is completely deliberate false and misleading information to insure panic and over reactionary public response. The most blatantly obvious predictions ever made, is if we increase the amount of testing to a degree never before done in human history without question the case infection rate will increase in direct correlational. If these political hacks were being even the least bit honest they would explain to the public that showing an increase in infection rate without the death rate ratio increasing but actually decreasing is a great indication of just how weak covid19 actually is and that 80-90% of infected people will have very low to zero symptoms what so ever and the death rate is incredibly low on par with a bad flu season. People really have to start using their own critical thinking and research and understand the empirical fundamental fact that there have actually been many pandemics in modern history with equal and greater virulence than this one; the difference this time is the internet era and the mass hysteria being pushed by over reactionary governments and media to push agenda and infectious disease experts desperately trying to remain relevant during a time that just a few short months ago were being drastically de-funded world wide.

  5. Doing all the work navigating as a powerless GO with little funds and oceans of false accusations generated by failed politicians of the US – WHO, bravo! Keep it up and we need your excellent work. Thank you. 👍🏻

  6. Humanity Is Being Deceived.
    Viruses, Natural or Man-Made can be controlled in the Cells with Angstrom Mineral Solution of Copper and in the Bloodstream with Colloidal Silver. Angstrom is the size of the minerals which can enter the cells & Colloidal Minerals are too large to enter the cells, but kill viruses & diseases in the bloodstream. Humanity is led to believe there is no Hope or Cure, when there is Hope & Natural Cures, Not Profitable To The Medical Pharmaceuticals Industries. COVID-19 like most Life Threatening Diseases is “ANAEROBIC”, which can be Effectively Killed With “Ozone” & other Oxygen Therapies, which are Suppressed by the FDA, AMA, Medical/Pharmaceuticals Industries.
    Newsweek 06/29/2020 suggested a 50% False Positive Rate for COVID-19 TESTS. This is the Science they want you to Trust & Believe In. Read, This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, by Dr Robert B Strecker.
    Look Up:
    1. Angstrom Mineral Solution of Copper
    2. Colloidal Silver
    3. Oxygen Therapies
    4. Ozone Generators
    5. Essential Oils
    6. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
    7. Dr Robert B Strecker on Archive dot org.

  7. There’s a reason you got defunded by the US! You failed at the biggest responsibility you had to the world citizens who’s taxes pay you! Such a shame that you put a political agenda above peoples health and economic well-being.

  8. I foresee an enormous tsunami of karma coming towards the world hoax organization and all others that orchestrated this scam on humanity

  9. Such a usless organization.
    Lie and lie and lie.
    You do not care about people’s helath.
    Its about China money.
    Why don’t u think people more than money?????

  10. I don’t know a single person that wants a vaccine. Everyone is aware that this virus is no worse than the flu and there is already a treatment HCG and Zinc. Why would anyone even need a vaccine for cold a mild virus that only kills very old and sick people. You are all very stupid or very evil. Maybe both. You lie constantly and live in a LARP!


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