Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. I know being heath professional what will you. Say and your. Report will say. In. Upcoming weeks. That its not. Man made virus. Its will not origin from china. Etc etc..because its you. Nd china fault that world face this pandemic

  2. There are a number of documentary studies on the internet which support the conclusion that coronavirus originated from a lab in Wuhan. These were all last year. This current mission, which is more than a year after the outbreak cannot possibly accurately make such determination, moreover the government of China, which they are relying upon, is completely unreliable and deceptive. For Communist countries everything is fake propaganda. How naive to think that the WHO team will release a credible and believable report on the origin of the coronavirus, when WHO is COMPLICIT with China in the cover up. This current director general Tedros, is a communist party member from Ethiopia and is a lapdog of WHO, so he has not credibility. “Doctor” Tedros is also NOT a medical doctor, so what gives him the right to sit as WHO Director General? Answer: because China backed and placed him there. So he cannot say anything against China, nor can he or any WHO officials even dare to mention Taiwan or Tibet.

  3. Stockpiling hiv medicine with commercials is not cool especially after shutting down every gay industry and small businesses (black owned lets be real)🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

  4. All the WHO representatives, dealt with Covid=19 should resign. Who care what you have to say now. Too little too late, you guys are useless…we already have the vaccine and no help from you guys…

  5. A lot of questions are clearly meant to further politicize the issue, respect to the experts for not collapsing to their level and maintaining a rational outlook. I can see a lot of salt lords in the comment section are disappointed that the briefing did not verify their prejudiced views.

  6. — I publicly call out and challenge the WHO and any scientist Worldwide to discredit a single Word!

    — The infectious disease experts have been calling out these hypothetical doomsday modeling scenarios for decades. The problem and crazy thing is, for the first time in modern history people are actually taking them seriously and freely elected politicians are deploying China Ideological Draconian public policies based on complete and utter junk science and fraudulent PCR (CT) cycle threshold!

    — Viscous strain/variant mutations are for the imagination of Hollywood and have no place or reference in empirical Virology!

    — Antigenic shift (mutation) is a common normal biological function. Even though Cronavirus are considered far more stable in this regard than flu/virus, nevertheless inevitably will occur within large population infection spread. This is precisely why vaccines have little to no chance of effectiveness for Corona type viruses. History has proven this true over and over. Corna vaccines are notoriously problematic ( mostly due to rapid weakening) and have never been successful.

    — SARS-COV-2 will not/cannot be contained or eradicated. What is going on right now, is known in epidemiology as the pathogen endemic equilibrium phase, (viral stasis) and is perfectly normal. Virulence weakening and dilution is what always happens when mutations and naturally acquired herd immunity is occurring throughout the populations. Invariably mutation causes infection rate increase and lethality rate decrease, henceforth it becomes ubiquitous and permanent. Vaccination at this stage, is essentially pointless.

    — To show statistical significance for a virus of this type, a vaccine must show efficacy, (save lives, Period.) However, when the overall death rate is between 0.2 and 0.5 %, there will be little to no benefit. In other words, SARS-COV-2 virus is far too weak right now to show a vaccine effectiveness rate numerically, at population scale.

    — Ubiquitous viruses are fought and defeated primarily by the T-Cell lymphocytes within our immune systems, Not from antibodies, which in turn protects the old and vulnerable. (MPIE) Mass population Immunization by Exposure (herd immunity)

    — The entire narrative that is being heavily perpetuated by a large sector of the science community is False. Either they simply do not understand or are blatantly lying. (This is fundamental immunology, based on biological Law. First term, first lesson, Chapter -1 “Steps leading through virus infection, to immunity”).

    — What is going on in the world, is truly bizarre. To the extent that in just the past few short months, all virology and immunology textbooks ever printed in existence, are being re-written as we speak, the premise to all empirical scientific methodology, logic and reason. Induction of global hysteria by censorship of empirical science. (akin to StockHolm Syndrome at mass population scale)

  7. This organization needs to be destroyed. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a money from China, and do nothing. .. we got first news of Corona from wall street journey! !!!! Not from this WHO!!!!!!!

  8. I am Overwhelmed thinking that I can express myself on this international platform!!!. Loved Tedros for his cautious approach.

  9. One big question, if you realised that the case fatality rate of Covid-19 is much less than estimated at the beginning of the pandemic. Why did you not change the status of the pandemic?


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