President Trump Delivers Remarks at a Ceremony Recognizing the California National Guard


McClellan Park, CA


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  2. It was so good to give these brave men the recognition they deserved. So many lives were saved. Proud of our President coming to
    our state and let’s support him at the polls and vote RED this November.

  3. So you got all our military inside the u.s. for operation warp speed to give poisioned garbage to the useless eaters and yet you can’t put out a couple of fires
    The government does not care about it’s people
    People need to wake up before the snake it’s it’s tail

  4. Our President is a very honorable man that acknowledges exceptionalism in our country and does a great job! It is inspiring that he does this for the heroes we have all around us! It is an honor to watch this and appreciate how important these things are in our country.

    Last updated: September 15, 2020, 22: 43 GMT
    1) Corona virus Cases:
    6,782,963 2) Deaths:
    200,097 !!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers !!! tRUMP you did it !!!!!! > 20K dead by doing nothing useful for people.

  6. This is so beautiful thank you America what warriors with big hearts. President Trump is the best ! and he always has a wonderful uplifting smile no matter what, God bless to you all. Our Lady of Victory ora pro nobis

  7. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to continue coordinating to allow for Israeli airstrikes in Syria, in a phone conversation on Monday.

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