President Trump Observes a Signing Ceremony with the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Kosovo


President Trump Observes a Signing Ceremony with the President of the Republic of Serbia and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo

The White House


  1. Bonjour mes amis , Au fait à propos du virus chinois faites en comme moi prenez un pot de miel et un autre des gousses ailles à votre avis de quelle coté ce maudit Covid 19 il ira . Voilà pourquoi mes amis Google et Facebook retraité Martin Jean il n’abandonnera jamais son beau collier fabriqué de se comestible dont les belles femmes le déteste à cause de son odeur .
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  2. PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD, UNDERSTAND THIS: Before Trump came in,, the USA was being governed by a deep state that had the mission to divide the world,, to create wars.. so the elite cabal would gain more power. They hating Trump because Trump is dismantling all that was done… as much as he can. People who hated Amrica, in fact,, it was this deep state that was doing all the bed stuff.. the wars… the divisions, the hatred,, funding terrorrists,, etc..

  3. past administrations *the deep state /iluminaty / UN etc.) created or sponsored that war….It shoyuld had never hapened.. just like the Iraqui war.

  4. I LOVVE that NOBODY is wearing that stupid mask! Get that you globalist controlling freaks! Not all of us are obeying your orders.

  5. Serbia and US have a long history of mutual understanding and alliance, unbroken till ’90s. and it’s definitely time to restart it trough business and economy, this time with maybe a little bit more respect between us, regarding political issues.

  6. I am warning Honorable President Trump not to win again. I am sick and tired of winning. Please give me a break! I can’t take it anymore!

  7. What ever happened to the “Presidential Commission for the Study of Bio ethical Issues”? Why did Trump shut it down? Why are Americans being TORTURED with remote neural monitoring technologies and bio electromagnetic weapons? Why is Dr. Fauci’s wife, Dr. Christine Grady, the head of HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION at the NIH? What is her involvement in these criminal experiments WITHOUT CONSENT?

  8. 2:19 What an embarrassment! Serbia heard the term of moving his embassy to Jerusalem for the first time. But he did not have the gut to standup and refuse to sign.

  9. Trump had no idea what he was doing. His attempts to score “diplomatic victories” like this ahead of the election can very well reopen a Pandora’s box in the Balkans. Let’s just hope everything goes well from now when the future looks grim.

  10. My respects to Trump and his administration for not leading any useless and illegal wars around the world ,( as former presidents ) and focusing to stability and solving home issues.

  11. Just admit it, China is better than USA rn🤪 atleast The CCP government did not force any country to sign anything. Not by violence 🤪 YEYE I know you gonna talk about CCP secretly spying on everyone something something, but what happened to Snowden? 🤪

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  14. Kosovo is not a country, i support trump but if trump is all about law and order supporting kosovo is breaking the law since kosovo illegally declared independence. Also the president of Kosovo is a war criminal and large amounts of kosovos government was part of the KLA a militia that was classified by the CIA as a terrorist organization. hopefully trump wins 2020 but i wish he learned about kosovo.

  15. This is so funny,made for domestic use just for the USA elections.
    Serbia and Kosovo are not two countries.
    Kosovo is taken off Serbia by the great help of US and western countries.
    All other parts of this agreement have nothing to do with the people living there.
    What a great show!
    Unbelievable how people are stupid and have no idea what is happening.

  16. Dear Uncle Trump & family.

    I and my countrymen are most pleased and highly enthusiastic about your current progress and resounding success as president.
    I would like to extend to you my formal greeting from the Commonwealth Of Australia.
    May i please announce that our current government which is in Userfruct and treason currently to us (the people) visa vi china and the Treaty of rome will no longer have the lawful capacity to engage with the United States Of America.
    At present there are 27 million free men and women being subjugated enslaved and sold into bondaged where they are oppressed and unjustly tormented by this foreign administration calling itself the “AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT INC” 
    It with a heavy heart that i speak to you now of the Warcrimes plaguing our Christian families on our soil.
    It with great jubilation that our humble Kingdom recognises you as brother and a true leader of the free world.
    Uncle Trump; furthermore it is through our eyes of our soul as a collective that we see a King of America in you which undoubtably you have acted as in such a very prompt and decisive leadership in the manner of great kings of old.
    Our country long ago established in 1900 by Queen Victoria and sealed in the hearts and minds of the commonwealth by our forefathers the ANZAC is being laid siege to by the Chinese communist party and the vatican run UN.
    Mighty Uncle Trump, it is here where lies my purpose in addressing you directly.

    We Urgently and Humbly request immediate Military Assistance in pushing back the war criminals and their tyrannical oppression; as our military has turned their backs on us and is in MASSIVE treason under a foreign papal crown and oath and is completely confounded by the miasma of communist lies, deception and ultimately the usurpation of our De Jure seat of government.

    Please Uncle Trump you are our only hope and it with great civility and honour that i ask of you and your country to stand in the blood ties and the lineage of our great and illustrious forebears and once again stand together united so we can bring in freedom and simulaniously lay waste to the scourge of civilization which is systemic communism and roman papal tyranny.

    Your Faithfully.
    Matthew of the House of Webber
    Loyal subject of the imperial crown
    Loyal unto God, King and country.
    May God Bless America
    And May Almighty God Bless you also Uncle Trump.

    Warm Regards.

  17. 🇽🇰🇲🇰🇦🇱Yes it’s truly historic for us Kosovo end Serbia this economic agreement between our borders our country and our people it is tremendous like Mr Trump told, end at least Serbia have made a tremendous step Respekt, god job Kosovo that’s will be no problem in the future for knowing Independence of Kosovo end wish for the best of both worlds in the future.
    God bless Kosovo.
    Thank you Mr President 🇺🇲

  18. This president is making lifetime changes – he is improving all of our lives around the world. Thank you GOD for bringing him to this position. Keep him safe, and we will keep him in office!!! #MAGA #KAG #TRUMP2020

  19. It seems that they successfully raped the president of a country. He did not receive the respect he deserved, and he was humiliated like a child.

  20. Hey, do you all remember that big Serbia-Kosovo treaty that President Trump bragged about last Friday? No? I don’t blame you. You probably don’t care all that much about Serbia and Kosovo in the first place, and anyway, according to Majda Ruge there was nothing new in it anyway. It was just a laundry list of stuff that both countries had already agreed to long ago.

    For all the supposed high-level political attention brought to this agreement, U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell couldn’t get the parties to issue a unified statement—raising questions about the legal status of the signed documents and reflecting a degree of sloppiness that comes with prioritizing speed and showiness over content.

    Finally we get to the bottom of things. The agreement requires both Serbia and Kosovo to open embassies in Jerusalem, which is catnip to Trump’s evangelical base. Maybe you and I don’t care much about Serbia and Kosovo—and maybe evangelicals don’t either—but embassies in Jerusalem is a whole different thing. Even if they never actually happen, they will become a cause célèbre among evangelicals, spread via sermons, church newsletters, Facebook chains, and so forth. It may not be the greatest way of conducting foreign policy, but it’s a great way of running a political campaign.

  21. This all humiliation is coz pressure of the accumulated debts on these two countries and the manipulation of interest on the part of the Federel Reserve System that caused the separation of the Federation of Yugoslavia and the wars between them and the genocide of the Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Albanians in Kosovo.

  22. Vucic the Traitor has finally realized what he has done and that he is signing a death warrant for the country.looks totally a small boy in front of the Serbian politicians have ever been humiliated so much publicly.


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