President Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony for H.R. 1957 – The Great American Outdoors Act


The White House


  1. Bill Gates vaccination/tracking metadata device contract: (All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” ~ George Orwell)

    You say because of your conscious ; and, being a 99.7% survival rate and I intend on vaccinating 7,000,000,000 healthy people twice, others more. You don’t trust my vaccinations and tracking/metadata device that is at you and the publics expense, not mine. Just because I and Nurse Ratchet have immunity with no impunity to maximize my, my investors and delegated profits and secure my own freedom is no excuse.

    – – Well then, I’m going to have your government mandate, I mean force it upon you. I’ll even require you to sign release of liability against Nurse Ratchet prior to your injection to maximize my, my investors and delegated profits. After all this is for the common good, the collective. Were all in this together.

    – – If you consent and you will be forced to a release of liability against Nurse Ratchet, which I can’t understand why you wouldn’t. If you are then injured or do not survive (collateral damage), that’s at your and the public expense/responsibility as well. You may enjoy your enslavement at your overlords becking call.

    – – If there is any repercussions, imprisonment, or your cut off from society because of my tracking/,metadata device, then so be it. Once again that’s at your expense and publics, now enjoy your peril.

    – – If you do not consent after I’ve made all this clear to you, I’ll have you dragged off to a permanent place of quarantine. Once again enjoy your peril.

    Now through my kind generosity to you at your and the public expense all to maximize my profits, what choice are you going to make? Regardless, I’m off to enjoy my maximized profits and freedoms at your demise.

    Foot note: Tracking device: It will have all your medical, your financial, your internet record and will track via WIFI and control every living second of your life. You’ll be connected to your new God, Artificial Intelligence. Be used for judgement, social credit, etc.. ENSLAVEMENT OF HUMANITY.

  2. TRUMP IS THE MOST PROFITABLE INVESTMENT PUTIN EVER MADE! Since he took office, Trump has done Putin’s work for him, as predicted by John McCain. He has seriously undermined all our most important Federal institutions, fired the best and highest- placed Federal administrators, divided our society as never before, alienated our former allies, etc. Every vote for Trump and his ex-GOP enablers in Congress is a vote for Putin. America’s worst enemy after Trump and McConnell. PUTIN IS LAUGHING BUT HE’S NOT JOKING!

  3. Trump’s been our greatest President since Ronald Reagan. It’s enough to make a grown man cry. TRUMP 2020 FOREVER!!!

  4. I would love to come to your Blue Mountains. Looks like a stunning place!! No doubt, I’m sure there are other remarkable places or parks etc that’d be worth visiting

  5. amazing. I hope it’s equally divided among states and California doesn’t steal this money to pacify their failure of a state

  6. This smells of socialism.

    The existing land for parks is adequate. No need to strip private citizens of the right to own large ranches by having the government buy all available land through an allocation of $900 million/year to keep adding land to the existing national parks.

    You can pass legislation to retain the pristine nature of the land by preventing existing or new owners from subdividing it or plotting it, but there’s no need to deny private citizens the right to own large swathes of land.

    The land within the existing parks is adequate for the public, let private citizens also enjoy large swathes of their own private parks.

  7. There is only one (1) difference between President Obama and President Trump, Obama the WORST ever, and Trump the BEST ever, Americans please don´t sray home, go vote for Pre. Trump in November for the good of YOUR COUNTRY.

  8. Thank you for a new World ! 🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏🙏✨🕊❤️🗺❤️🕊✨🙏

  9. 8:23 This should extend to other park, natural, waterfalls natural, and all the stones, large boulders that are now being constantly defaced with urban graffiti by certain protected groups that HATE America and her beauty but want to regress it with their visual cancer filth. Serious penalties and jail time.

  10. And the government is banning singing in the churches the churches affairs are under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and no government nor man can intervene in the order of the assembly of the church

  11. Mr President Trump Participates in a signing Ceremony for H.R.1957 The Great American Outdoors Act
    I LOVE YOU Mr President Trump
    Thank you Mr President Trump
    and Family Semoga panjang umur dan semoga lanjuuuut
    Memimpin Negara America ❤️❤️❤️👍

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  14. Trumps da man!! I hike Sequoia Kings canyon national parks for 20 years now. The entrance/permit fees that could get facilities up to snuff were instead sent to DC to be wasted while pennies on the dollar were send back to the parks for maintenance.


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