President Trump Receives a Law Enforcement Briefing on Keeping American Communities Safe


President Trump Receives a Law Enforcement Briefing on Keeping American Communities Safe: The Takedown of Key MS-13 Criminal Leaders

The White House


  1. Black woman for Trump! God Bless President Trump, the LAW and ORDER President! You have my vote and the votes of my family, sir!

  2. That is the only way to deal with the corrupt, dishonest, and hateful press: Tell them what you want them to hear and when their questions become accusing, condemning, or lying; then cut them off, and drive them out.

  3. “Is This The Life We Really Want?”…
    …is it true that this Corona virus is scare porn?
    The Psychiatrist I saw at the VA, because I was experiencing cognitive dissonance, saw the same concert I was at… The Us and Them Tour. (“Is This the Life We Really Want?”)
    He said he can help me with this pill. He grinned at me…
    I really thought all Rock n Rollers were Atheists because growing up with it I didn’t know that there was such a thing as “Christian rock”…or “fascist rock” does that mean Atheist can listen to country music?… Are there gay country singers? Black country singers?
    Why can’t we tell the truth about Lee Harvey Oswald and Judyth Baker, his lover?
    Is it true that I can choose to be non religious (an Atheist) in a supposed Christian country?
    Are the girls still “going wild” in Florida?…or just on Pornhub?
    Is it true that the NRA proudly supports Pornhub?
    Why are we melting cars and homes as the country is imploding?
    Why is Cannabis called Cannabis in Israel but called Marijuana in this country?…
    Is it true that this country has been pussified as George Carlin says?…Why?
    Is it true that Terrence McKenna said, “Put the pedal to the medal?”
    Is it true that the 1st Amendment to the Constitution is 1st for a reason?
    If we were cloning sheep in the early ’90s, what are we cloning now?
    Yeah, free thought…as long as your a Christian, and on a team!
    Trump had the most progressive rock album ever come out on his watch, fuck yeah! m/ !
    Nothing is more progressive than Ayn Rand and Karl Marx.
    The boy is drowning in the sea…
    Country music will never be progressive if they are not free to listen to Progressive Rock.
    Thank You, Roger Waters your music spans an eon in either direction.
    Is there room in this story for me?…
    My late wife…The most Beautiful Girl.
    Bless your Heart, Rachael Corrie…
    “Hold on,” she said. “Your Breaking my Heart”
    …”and the last thing they heard her was her calling was home, I’m coming Home…”
    This album is my life…
    No “TV” required.
    Wake up and smell the Roses!
    (I cannot get through this album without weeping.)
    I waited…and she left. (this earthly plane)
    This album brings me back to “The Final Cut” in Dec of 1986.
    I must be an Atheist, so Atheists can exist.
    Signed BMSN Scott Green

  4. CA Governor needs an executive order for Nazi Newsom, to open up the state as death rates are lower than before yet he closes businesses and they are going bankrupt!

  5. If you look at the thumbs up and thumbs down on this video, I would consider that as an impromptu poll for the president. That’s legitimate not fake.

  6. THIS President is a President that not only talks, but he actually DOES something, not only to put America first, but also the citizens of this country first!
    God Bless this Man and his Administration!

    ✝️🇺🇸 2Q2Q WILL WIN BY A LANDSLIDE 🇺🇸✝️
    ✝️🇺🇸 Also GOD BLESS Bill Barr. Keep going sir 🇺🇸✝️

  8. Dear Mr president Trump, you do a greate Job.Please help us in Germany as well. I have realiced jears ago that Germany is a Terrorist Land. They know this, so they make me Problemes. I get threatend because I am for you and the freedom contract. Please help my daughter and me. I do pray for your and your famliies safty and health. Please help us in Germany.

  9. President Trump, can you sign an anti-stand-down executive order to protect Americans? Police are ordered to stand down by their Democrat leaders when Antifa and BLM are rioting. That’s why people are rioting. They’re allowed to.

  10. And on another important matter;

    I have a very serious question that all of you should be asking as well;

    If this coronavirus/Covid 19 is so contagious then why are there absolutely NO Bio Hazard Waste Receptacles for us to put our used Face Masks and used Gloves in?


    Disposable masks and disposable latex gloves do not go in the “Washing Machine”.

    They are supposed to be put in a “Bio Hazard Waste Disposal”.

  11. Why do reporters all seem to want the destruction of america??. You make a damn good living telling us lies so wtf?? Why do you have to add insult to injury???

  12. Can we arrest the DEMONcrat mayors and governors that emptied the jails and told the police to stand down. WTF is going on that they aren’t being removed from office and arrested.

  13. Mr. President, first I want to say that I admire you. No one else could have withstood all the negativity, plots and schemes you had to endure. Impressive. Current governance of the US is far too fragmented to succeed during this pandemic. Unfortunately, this dilemma America faces may take a decade to recover from if federal mandates are not introduced. Current protests, nationwide, must be restricted to predetermined areas in each state. This will eliminate disruptions of commerce and stabilize the economic volatility America is experiencing. The negative long term implications of school closures or a shortened school year must not be underestimated. The children of today will inherit the US economy in 10 to 15 years. These children must be more educated and sophisticated than the current workforce if the US intends on retaining global leadership status. The judicial system, nationwide, must continue to function like clockwork. No felony inmates should be released regardless of if they have COVID-19 or not. All federal and state COVID-19 inmates should be housed together at regional detention centers by federal mandate. All COVID-19 related lawsuits by inmates should be dismissed in all state and federal courts. This should also apply to prison and jail personnel. With most states facing budget deficits, more will release inmates in the future. This trend must stop. The current decision to remove Confederate flags from military bases is going too far. America doesn’t need a demoralized military. That’s a fact. If a surge in violent crime is the result of a demoralized police force, what will happen if the military is demoralized?…..Infiltration?…Coup? The US military should not be subjected to political whims. In my eyes, the US military is Holy and should answer only to the President….And this border crisis between India and China is concerning. The US should provide material support to India during this dispute. The US needs to strengthen ties with India. The UK and the European Union are in the gray zone in regards to China. Consider my thoughts, the state of the Union is in jeopardy.

  14. It is so good to hear from the President……but why do the reporters have to take so many pictures with noisy cameras?????????

  15. The only reason Democrats hate the wall and want open borders is to introduce the gangster’s programs and the cartels… They are pro-crimes…and part of it…

  16. Only ignorant fools and idiots want a guy as the POTUS that is advertising Goya canned beans sitting in the Oval Office. Another proof he doesn’t represent everyday Americans. Does he not have anything better to do?

  17. আমেরিকার প্রধানমন্ত্রী সব নিউজ আমার ছবি দেখতে চাই আজকের মধ্যে শুরু করে দিক সব মিডিয়া মিউজিয়ামের ছবি দেখতে চাই

  18. Poor America ! From being the light of the world you became the laughing stock of the world . A country where people with minimum wages can hardly afford rent, where people don’t have basic rights to healthcare, where school tuition is ruining people…. where the president is a bully only talking about himself and dividing the people with his hate talk . Sad…

  19. Press are a bunch of VULTURES!
    They sound like they’re screeching over the last tidbit of meat!

    When POTUS says “Thank you very much.”, they need to quietly file out of the room and not make the person in charge yell at them to leave!

    …THAT WOULD REQUIRE RESPECT for the Office of the President, wouldn’t it?!

    We cannot have that, now, can we…

  20. Есть огромная пропасть, м/д теми, кто фантазирует и.теми, кто меняет МИР, реальность, это.знания,опыт, власть над др.сознанияси, но.над моим тоже влияние оказывает другие люди, это сложно сделать,легче написать, но реализация проекта-важнее, можно выдержать потоки чужого мнения, мыслей, если живёшь с этимб15лет,.мне надоело, что меня за это мировоззрение, умение-постояено убивают, мне нужно в.оон, там только реальные факты!!!! Доверя Percy Tamayo, , надеюсь он меня выслушает,. Копонавирус-ошибка,.

  21. 🌺🌺keep pouring more money into the wall and new security border police-we need this so badly🌺🌺

  22. Anyone else pick up Barr skipping over Wray starting @ 10:16? Maybe they should have put a picture of him there w/ a big red ‘X’ over his face instead.

  23. 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸God loves America.🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸 God bless United states of America.we will stand with Israel and America.

  24. Thank you for declaring antifia a terrorist organization

    And MS 13 .now let’s get BLM declared a domestic terrorist organization

  25. Hon’ble U.S., President, Donald Trump,. Receives a Law Enforcement Briefing on Keeping American Communities Safe,

  26. Dementia Joe Biden wants MS-13 in his Cabinet, one as his Attorney General. This so that his administration would have a better understanding on how these “Killer Gang Members Feel”. AOC thought that was a Great Idea , Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Also stated their support for a more diverse Group Appointed to his Administration. Nancy also said we should empty out our Prisons as soon as possible. Chuck Schumer suggested we should give each prisoner released should get free Gold Standard Health Care for Life and New Cars and Prepaid Gas Cards.


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