“The People of Poland, the People of America, and the People of Europe still Cry Out ‘We Want God'”


A little over three years ago, President Trump delivered one of the most important speeches of his presidency at Krasinski Square in Warsaw, Poland. Standing before a monument to the Warsaw Uprising, he called for defending Western civilization against all enemies who seek to destroy it.

In that speech, President Trump honored the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising, who rose up and took arms against their Nazi oppressors 76 years ago on August 1, 1944. In vivid detail, the President recounted the story of the defenders of Jerusalem Avenue and their struggle to hold that vital strip of land in defense of Polish freedom.

Read More: https://www.whitehouse.gov/articles/heroes-of-western-civilization-76-years-after-the-warsaw-uprising/


  1. We want and need God May the Lord God Almighty help, support, approve, and let you win the election. All praise and thanks God alone deserves.

  2. Will Trump defend 🇺🇸 and 🇪🇺 (Western Civilization) from the new tyranny arising from 🇹🇷? Jihad (Radical Extremists Islam 🕌) coming…

  3. Merely replacing one form of tyranny with another.

    *Communism with Catholicism.*

    *A class Illuminati apparatchiks with a class of Illuminati Jesuit clerical fascists.*

    *You want God?*


    *I AM*
    *@I AMsterdam*

  4. *”🎼This Masquerade😷”*

    *Are we really happy*
    *With this lonely game we play?*
    *Looking for the right words to say*
    *Searching but not finding* *understanding anyway*
    *We’re lost in this masquerade🎭🏢🎶😷*

    *Both afraid to say we’re just too far away*
    *From being close together from the start*

    *We tried to talk it over but the words got in the way*
    *We’re lost inside this lonely game we play.🎭🏦🏢*

    *We’re lost in this masquerade😷*
    *We’re lost in this masquerade😷*


  5. Germany wants freedom….Berlin was calling for it with 1.3 Million People..hope you realized that it have not been only 20k ..like fake news told

  6. St. John Paul Is pray for President Trump and America. God bless us everyone. Say the Rosary to our Lady. It is the weapon against satan and evil. God bless 🇵🇱 Poland and God bless America 👍🏻🙏🏻📿🇺🇸❤️Land that I love.TRUMP 2020!!!

  7. Ahahah no. I’m in Europe and I can absolutely tell you we don’t want God. If you’re fine with being brainwashed by an imaginary bearded guy in the sky you do you, but leave us alone.

  8. A Pole here; born, raised, and educated in Wroclaw. Thank you so much Mr. President for this speech, it means a lot to us- Polish Americans. Here is Florida, we will be voting for you unanimously!!!

  9. I’m a citizen of USA as well as Poland. America gave my family the American dream that communist Poland could not even come close to. My family has been helping to build up America for over a hundred years with each immigration wave from Poland. We all are proud to be Americans and we are just as proud of our Polish heritage. Many members of my family served in most branches of the US armed forces and my sons are focused on the newest branch of the US military the Space Force.
    My father experienced the brutal regime of the communist party in Poland until 1980 when he defected to the USA. And as a little boy I along with my brothers and our mom lived in fear not knowing what their retaliation would bring for my father’s decisions. Yet God had it all planned out for our family to reunite in America. Poland, since then, has blossomed to a beautiful country full of admiration and beautiful people. Knowing what Kosciuszko and Pulaski did for America keeps my patriotism strong to the American Values and American interests. God Bless America and God Bless Poland.
    Where We Go One We Go All!!!

  10. And the asshole/dnc/newzspeakers are saying president Trump is what’s wrong with the USA. The Donald kicks ass again in2020 !!! EZ. GOD BLESS THE PRESIDENT, 1st Lady, @ THE USA. ✌💜

  11. Don’t move! Stay home: cause God is inside each of us. Keep their churches empty, as they keep the truth for themselves to control you.


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