Tips on how to sew a three-layer fabric mask


Here are tips on how to sew a three-layer fabric mask. Research has shown that this combination of materials and layers provides a higher level of breathability and filter efficiency than single layer cotton masks.

Find out more about how to wear a mask from WHO:

Questions on masks? Go here:


  1. wear mask = lungs infection
    hand sanitizer = cancer & low immune
    stay home = mental depression
    stay home = no job
    stay home = no sunlight & low immunity

    these all W.H.O is promoting since months. Don’t think we are fool. We understand everything. 😠🎯

  2. Why so much mask-publicity? Why now? While testing and testing and testing and looking for a virus that has come to it’s seasonal end – or, in some countries, will come there soon like the seasonal flu and other corona-viruses every year. WHY should C. „behave” as the only known exception, the in itself FAR WORSE and now ever so often cited Spanish Flu from 1918??

  3. Ahhhh, all those conspiracy nuts/bots again, thinking they figured something out that others could not. So smart they are! (Thanks for the video WHO!)

  4. your dog muzzles won’t save people from the virus !!! with your masks you lower the immunity of people and children! and why did you come up with gloves? do people like to laugh? servants of Satan love to mock and laugh at people, at the creation of the living God; people wake up!!!

  5. No one believes your virus pandemic conspiracy theories. Wise people aren’t going to be stupid enough to suffocate themselves all day wearing idiotic masks. We know masks don’t protect anyone from an airborne virus because virus’ cannot be airborne. The corona hasn’t even satisfied the first 3 postulates of Koch’s postulate which is the measurement system the scientists use to classify a thing as a disease or a virus. I recommend getting an honest job because when Jesus comes back all the liars of the beast system are getting sworded out. That money you make now won’t stop the burn in the lake of fire.


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