White House Conference on American History


National Archives Museum, Washington, D.C.


  1. Why the honorable host when addressing men on this panel states their name and last name along with the introduction and when addressing women on this panel, he uses the first name only without introduction (who the person is and what organization/school/university she represents)?

  2. Howard Zinn’s book are full of marxists ideas but it was 1978 when American Congress finally abolished the statutory laws which forbade black Americans from free entrepreneurship (not racially biased). These are facts, not propaganda and actually it’s not about who had the majority back then but about simple fact that it took so long for white majority to comprehend that the difference between pride and approach full of racism and prejudice are two different things.

  3. Great job ! God bless America = AGAIN [ although we do NOT deserve it ] // Years ago, in public school, in Massachusetts, we had the Lord’s Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. ALSO, we studied American History. My ( legal ) immigrant grandparents risked their lives to come to the great country of America.

  4. AND, my teachers IN PUBLIC SCHOOL had the Holy Bible on their desk. The 10 Commandments were posted on the wall. // Guess what ? We learned a lot & the worst problems were papers on the floor and chewing gum in class.

  5. FINALLY, the Impeachment was really a COUP….. which ( I am reading / hearing ) is from the ” play book ” of COLOR REVOLUTION = an inside job…… NOW, do you get it ?????

  6. When have the corporate WE THE PEOPLE learned about slavery, segregation and its present remnants, which animates the whirlwind of trouble the country’s experiencing now? My K-12 schooling didn’t address the reality of those conditions, but noted the country’s founders were self-made men, that these patriots, and the principles on which they founded this country, including that “all men are created equal,” made us great by comparison to all others, that the south had slaves, that the slaves were freed, that the Civil & Voting Rights Acts of the 1960s (somehow) made American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS) whole, and that February’s annual Black History Month, evidently, existed to celebrate Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, in that order, as if the sum of the race existed but for their noble accomplishments, all of which was a colossal white-wash in service of keeping ADOS in the place to which it had been assigned over 400 years ago, “America’s permanent bottom-caste.”

    Face the truth about the adverse psychological, health and (possible) genetic ramifications of pernicious racial disregard over time. Face the truth about what slavery, segregation, and mass incarceration wrought.

    Face the truth about what voter intimidation and disenfranchisement means for ADOS and power sharing.

    Face the truth that numerous White citizens, not all, got a leg up in this country, and didn’t necessarily rise by their own bootstraps.

    Face the truth about redlining ADOS into the least desirable places in America.

    Face the truth of what that has meant for ADOS in supporting families, weathering storms, and passing on wealth to the next generation.

    Face the truth about how World War II’s new GI Bill, among many programs, helped vets get mortgages, which propelled them into the middles class, but in the NYC-Northern NJ Metropolitan area, for instance, ADOS received only 100 of 67,000 loans.

    Face the truth that under various Homestead Acts in the 19th Century the federal government gave away160,000,000 acres of public land to impoverished and other Americans to farm or improve, but ADOS got zero.

    Face the truth that during Reconstruction freed slave families were to be given 40 acres of southern agricultural land, and $50, to become self sufficient, as their labor, their bodies, and the clothes on their backs were all they had at Emancipation — President Andrew Johnson pulled the rug from under them and gave it to Confederate traitors.

    Face the truth that the formerly enslaved and their descendants, many unschooled and barely literate, worked hard to get money together to purchase agricultural land to create 1,000,000 southern farms over the course of 80 years after Reconstruction, but lost them for the suspect machinations of White individuals, corporate interests, and state and federal behaviors.

    Face the truth that a system of “sharecropping” in which emancipated persons and ADOS leased land from White owners, to raise livestock, grow tobacco, fruit and vegetables, for example, requiring them to remit a portion of the money from the sale of those goods at harvest, as well as any foodstuff and supplies provided until such time by the owners, but they were often cheated out of what they were owed, or if they “owed” something and didn’t pay they were criminally culpable, which tethered them to the land until such time they could, which is slavery by another name.

    Face the truth that a reign of terror involving raping and lynching ADOS, and punishing them for overstepping mores, and breaking laws forbidding them to run away, learn to read and write, breaking curfews, be idle and homeless, look at Whites the wrong way or treat them without deference, etc.

    Face the truth about FDRs “New Deal” which restricted child labor and provided minimum wages and social security for Americans workers, except ones in agricultural, service and domestic fields, the ones in which most ADOS worked, a mandate forced by powerful congressional southerners to keep such labor cheap, making them economically and socially dependent.

    Face the truth that “affirmative action” (AA), first enacted under Republican President Richard Nixon for helping qualified ADOS get into management positions, professional schools (law, business and health-related), and into apprenticeships, trades and other working class positions heretofore off-limits to them, benefits White women most and, like the ladies, “people of color” hitched their wagons to it as well, but with White backlash against AA ADOS was targeted for derision, which is disingenuous, while also saying a lot about what some think of themselves.

    Face the truth that human rights espoused in the U.S. Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution are made whole for ADOS making it so, that the handicapped/disabled, women, religious minorities, LGBQT folks, etc., can walk free because we demonstrated tactics and where in the documents they could find their pot of gold (so to state).

    Face the truth that the cumulative effects of ADOS “mistreatment” is “wilding” by another name.

    Face the truth that ADOS largely built this country and made it wealthy beyond measure.

    To end:

    “I am not a perpetrator. I am not a bystander.”

    “You know my name. Say your name. And call theirs.”

  7. Praise God for Pres. Trump….may Hillsdale, FACE, Patrick Henry College (Michael Farris) and David Barton’s Wallbuilders be of utmost prominence in this
    new commission…. this is direct answer to my prayers….

  8. As a British Citizen, I blame the Ashkenazi for the USA and worlds problems. (Think Rothchild owned Banks especiallythe IBS and the US FED)…..Correct me if I am wrong, but I dont see one on the panel……does that say something ???

  9. Vote TRUMP fore more years in person with ID!!!! In the Land of Brave and home of Freedom we the People must go Vote in Person!!!!
    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. One more thing that is NOT going to happen. You’d think Trumpers would’ve figured out by now that this man just blow hot air up their asses.

  11. The president NEVER took this on, as this event was initiated by staff to divert attention from his gross negligence in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, and his responsibility for running the economy into the ground, as he was unable to tell the truth about it, and what needed to be done to stem its horrific effects, for his NATURAL mendacious, narcissistic and sociopathic IMPULSES are too powerful for him to control. And now that on the same day one of American history’s greatest patriots, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, THE NOTORIOUS RGB, has entered eternity, WE THE PEOPLE can expect President Trump to feed his self-interest by nominating someone he thinks will give him an edge in the 2020 presidential election and, sadly, Senate Majority Leader Mitchell McConnel, seldom a patriot and ever the hypocrite, will do to the least of these, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, whatever. May Ruth Bader Ginsburg R.I.P. Let us pray…and go to the polls. With due respect.

  12. So much for lauding the Enlightenment view, which would favor reason over revelation. At this point, I am sure, those great American sons of the Enlightenment, those recently invoked Founding Fathers—Thomas Jefferson, who took a pair of scissors to the Bible to cut out all the parts that he felt to be untrue; James Madison, who championed both a diversity of factions and interests as the surest guarantee of a robustly representative government and an amendment process so that the Constitution could be tampered with as often as might be necessary; Benjamin Franklin, who asserted that the public purse should not be dedicated to any particular religion but rather guarantee the free expression of all—rolled over in their graves. ~L.D. Burnett~


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