WHO’s recommended fabric mask materials and composition


WHO has released an updated mask guidance in June 2020 which can be found here:


It has updated information on a new study released on fabric masks which explains how many layers are ideal for the best filtration and breathability combination and what their composition should be. We also describe how to best care for your mask including storing it and laundering it.


  1. Christian people sad Muslim spired this verse Allah know what you are doing he catch you soon inshallah you make skired people Allah only help to fnish this not This W.H.O before you advice some one please apply your hone

  2. Why should everyone wear masks if it’s for source control? Why don’t we just make the people who have symptoms wear masks? Can someone from WHO answer this please?

  3. Over 70% of all Americans who have died from COVID lived in Democrat run states, but Democrats keep blaming Trump.

  4. A man who died from a MOTORCYCLE accident was found to be counted among the COVID19 deaths in Florida last wk

    In Vermont, a baby died from suffocation- but marked as “Died frm CoVd.”

    In FL the MSM announced a 46-yr old man had Died from CoVd- But he never died!

    How many MORE??

  5. Six months too late, unfortunately. Friendly reminder the WHO, as late as mid January, was telling everyone there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” for SARS-2. I miss the times when the WHO used to call out countries, world leaders and even the Pope himself on their bullshit…

  6. I refuse to wear a mask. It is nothing morethan a sign of compliance and outright lack of intellect. The W O and their cohts can go to hell.

  7. Let’s not forget, WHO sold out to Kung flu China by covering up China’s mess, allowing covid 19 to spread worldwide

  8. so many people are jobless, poor became poorer, hungry became hungrier because of the lockdowns that should’ve never happened in the first place if only there was no threat to our health..A THREAT FROM AN ARTIFICIALLY CONSTRUCTED VIRUS. THIS FREAKIN PANDEMIC IS INTENTIONAL🤬🤬🤬

  9. Does the sun actually kill the virus like one study said? What if we keep our masks on the dashboard of our cars until they can be washed after use?


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