07/16/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing


The White House


  1. I believe only TRUMP can save America from CCP invasion! *** Be alert: There’s a possibility that the CCP Virus is manually spread in USA by the party’s hidden members!! That may explain why it still can’t be controlled! God bless America!!

  2. ☆☆☆Shouldn’t we be concerned about what is or isn’t required for a positive test result?? Having a COMMON COLD is counted as COVID 19!!!!!! If a person has 2 symptoms out of a short list including cough, runny nose, and headaches whether they get an actual test or not are all being counted as positive for Covid. Which is the same model that’s been used for counting Covid deaths. This is CRAZY!!! We have shut down and gone thru all of this based on a model that DOES NOT SPECIFICALLY test for Covid 19. It is very misleading for this line of testing to be the base for all of the reaction it’s caused!!!! This has been fear-mongering at it’s best!!!!! ☆☆☆

  3. This women says absolutely nothing and never answers questions directly such a hopeless representative of our government and poor use of our tax payer dollars but I am sure POTUS sits and ogles Barbie every time she come on

  4. I’ve never seen questions asked in such accusatory fashion…the media has long lost the drive for truth, only to push their hate

  5. Some classic Kaliar McEnanybull one liners in there!

    1. We shouldn’t let science stand in the way of YOUR children returning to school (we’ve locked Dr Fauci in a cupboard).

    2. We only have data from 81% of hospitals so actually the situation is likely to be even worse than is being reported.

    We lead the world in testing,
    We lead the world in ventilators
    We lead the world in vaccine research
    We lead the world in the number of infections
    We lead the world in the number of deaths
    This president’s response has been chaotic, I mean historic.

    Why no further mention of Dodger Stone? Why no mention of his campaign manager getting the bullet over continuing dreadful polling results and two failed rallies?

  6. I sat through a COVID informational webinar providing medical advice to attorneys to help us in our practices and running our law offices while reducing the threat of exposure to the virus. The medical doctor, who has been treating COVID patients and studying the science, said sending kids to school and reopening businesses is a good idea. He also said social distancing, masks, and washing your hands work to stop the spread. So…mask up, wash up, and get back to work. #Trump2020

  7. I cannot wait for November to end all these lies and miss information being tossed out by the trump administration. This country will not make it through another presidential term like Trumps. There has been no progress in anything, and now the world see us as fools.

  8. You keep blabbering, millions of deaths dur to covid 19 and still havent learned your lesson. Lockdown entire united states under Military till we get a vaccine, Like Gated said A lockdown anywhere means everywhere we have more pandemics and viruses on the way. Lockdown and Social distancing are going to be a forever for next ten to fifteen years. Make vaccinr mandatory and those who dont want to be vaccinated should not be allowed to travel or do any business.

  9. This is not a press briefing, these reporters or journalists are like hit or attack squad by the fascists leftists. i do not know how Kayleigh can put up with those media mobs.

  10. I am loving the masks for these so called journalist/kindergartners. It hides their pretentious/elitist/snobby facial expressions.

  11. As stated several times before, at this YOU TUBE CHANNEL (Official White House CHANNEL) and “Official” Donald J. Trump YOU TUBE CHANNEL, “BIG PHARMA” NAZIS are absolutely NOT creating any VACCINES for the purpose of countering the “actual” CORONAVIRUS! How do I know this????? Because, Bill Gates (part of THE NEW WORLD ORDER ELITES (THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) that reports to the JESUIT ORDER controlled Vatican)) has been chosen by THE NEW WORLD ORDER ELITES to be in charge of their current “AGENDA;” and said “AGENDA” is to EXTERMANATE at least 97% of the “entire” WORLD’S POPULATION (about 7.3 BILLION PEOPLE EXTERMINATED (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: “population reduction after economic collapse” produced by George Green, who sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS; “Project Camelot interviews George Green – Part 1of 2” (00:00 to 08:32) posted by Project Camelot (AUTHENTIC) on April 16, 2008; and acquire a copy from the INTERNET of “Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies (Season 1, Episode 5); Plum Island (Season 2, Episode 1); and Police State (Season 2, Episode 4))), utilizing VACCINES!!! Bill Gates has stated several times, IN PUBLIC, he (Bill Gates) wants to EXTERMANATE almost EVERYONE; and Bill Gates has stated he (Bill Gates) wants get EVERYONE VACCINATED–STARTING WITH BLACK PEOPLE (SEE POSTS at banned.video (a WEB PAGE produced by INFOWARS) or ask Alex Jones)!!! It is an absolute FACT that both Dr. Anthony S. Fauci M.D. (prominent JESUIT ORDER member) and Dr. Deborah L. Birx M.D. work for Bill Gates (EVIDENCE at banned.video or ask Alex Jones and THE INTERNET)!!! Accordind to Dr. Francis A. Boyle J.D. Ph.D. (UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS), THE C.D.C., THE N.I.H., THE F.D.A., “BIG PHARMA” NAZIS, several American UNIVERSITIES, parts of THE PENTAGON, and parts of the intelligence community are all involved with the illegal production of several different types of BIO-WEAPONS (ALSO SEE (copies on THE INTERNET): “Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Plum Island (Season 2, Episode 1)”); and EVERYONE MENTIONED was involved at NORTH CAROLINA UNIVERSITY’S B.S.L. THREE LAB during the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, while the initial components of the “actual” CORONAVIRUS were being created and tested (SEE: “THE ALEX JONES SHOW” for February 19, 2020, when Alex Jones interviewed Dr. Francis A. Boyle J.D. Ph.D. (with authentic and relevant scientific documentation (authentic copies of said interview at banned.video (a WEB PAGE produced by INFOWARS))))! Furthermore, according to said authentic and relevant scientific documentation, presented by Dr. Francis A. Boyle J.D. Ph.D., the components of “actual” CORONAVIRUS were illegally sold to China’s Wuhan B.S.L. FOUR LAB during the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION (about 2015)! In addition to that, according to said authentic and relevant scientific documentation, at NORTH CAROLINA UNIVERSITY’S B.S.L. THREE LAB during the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION (about 2012 to 2015), while said components of the “actual” CORONAVIRUS were being tested on mice, NO ANTIBODIES were detected whatsoever, therefore, “NO WAY” for any VACCINE to achieve any ANTIBODIES whatsoever! What about Moderna’s mR.N.A. VACCINES????? As stated before, any and all mR.N.A. VACCINES modify the R.N.A. sequences within THE CYTOPLASM of the CELLS; therefore, upon replication, there will be mutations, therefore, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!! However, there is a TREATMENT that already works as a CURE; and that is ZINC, with Hydroxychloroquine, and sometimes Z-PACK! Are there additional CURES???? YES! However, any and all additional CURES are through NATURAL MEDICINE; and as stated several times, the current very very very corrupt F.D.A. will never ever allow any CURES through NATURAL MEDICINE!!!

  12. Whenever a journalist says “a lot of experts…” or “people are saying…” it actually means the journalist has an idea and they are projecting onto an imaginary source. It’s like when people say “I researched…” when they really meant to say that they “typed something into Google” and discovered what Google wanted them to see.

  13. EWTN News: On a mission to report the truth. Jesus is Truth. God bless EWTN News
    I am praying for Trump + Pence and the whole world. God bless America.

  14. One Eyed Jack! Of all the souls I’ve meet. 70+ had cancer of the brain…had a huge gouge in his head…his removed eye..and somewhat closed lid…weeped constantly…he was a scrapper of Metal….a scrounger….poor…..rusty truck. His wife rode shotgun. That’s right. He still drove…his wife…dull…and distant. Trying to talk to One Eye Jack was a challenge. Most just avoid him. He’s a scary sight…..Truly! I’ve known several amputees and disfigured inside and out. They see the world with very clear eyes! He died years ago…..but when ever I feel down. Or feel sorry for myself. One Eyed Jack….will come to mind. I can’t even comprehend his life…..or his wife’s. Walking zombies. His smell of death….or just rotting was apparent even from 6 feet away! So when he came around my friends body shop…..scrapping for metal. I tried to talk to him……he would drift in and out. Mostly interested in the job at hand. So….help him load up some scrap. And watch as this…..MAN managed mostly by himself……I couldn’t help…….but help him. Ya know! My friend? Only from a distance……he’s quite a sight.

  15. Don’s experience. “Get the HELL out of here!” He started shoving his men out of this hole………..move. “Grenade!……..Down….Down!” He caught the whiff of gasoline. VC Trap! BOOM! And then some! They were ALIVE! He was amazed as they were! “Thank GOD!”

  16. In regards to Kayleigh McEnany I must ask in the Immortal lyrics of Rick Springfield : Somebody tell me WHERE CAN I FIND A WOMAN LIKE THAT? BOM BOMP-BOM!

  17. And the destruction of our country. Such a disgrace. 45 pretends to helps America as he guts crucial protections that affect all of us, and I mean even the ignorant GOP fools too. We are all doomed until he is removed.

  18. Kayleigh McEnany makes the left wing, liberal biased, Democratic Propaganda Ministry, otherwise known as, FAKE NEWS media look like the
    unprofessional, political hack, goon squad they are!

  19. 20:26 Like watching veronica talk to betty. .. Nice chin strap chanel. I would break social distancing rules w/ you.. not that I follow them.

  20. McEnany missed her calling in History to Defend Dr Mengele for Human Experiments; McEnany missed her calling in History to Defend Hitler for use of Gas Chambers and Ovens in Concentration Camps.

  21. Deregulation 🇺🇸🤓❤️. Trump is like Secretariot—- he is pounding the earth right now like he is in the Kentucky Derby And he is hardly sweating rounding the quarter mile 🤓🤓🤓

  22. BS. It’s like a 40 man beating the shit out of a 6 yr old and saying the kid threw a hot dog at me. Troops are taking the beating for a corrupt US and State while dishing out policies and creating trade that is unfair. Oh well? Meanwhile many of those officers enjoy the conflict because they came out of the military to be the brainwashed pigs they are. No, inflation protection, no peace, no unemployment no peace.

  23. Can these freaking enemedia have a more positive attitude with their questions and comments? Fake news is the worst virus 🙄

  24. Most of the poorer Hispanic/black/white kids whose parents have no idea how the internet works, and can’t afford to purchase a computer and pay the extra costs, must not be a concern of the Democrats/Rinos, since they DO NOT want to open the schools. Where are all the teachers demanding the schools OPEN ( since they claim to care so much….um, for the kids)


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