07/27/20: President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure


The White House


  1. Peace be upon you Mr. President Trump. You seem to be doing great, thank God. Stay strong, be aware and remember God, feel the air and breathe, as obvious but highly beneficial that is.

  2. That must be great to be able to have the press ask their questions with the helicopter noise in the background. He has figured out how to torture them back.

  3. THANK,YOU so very much Mr.PRÄSIDENT Trump! You are the GREATEST Mr.PRÄSIDENT Dj Trump ! So good is your work for Amerika and Germany and Worldwide ! THANK,YOU , Mr.PRÄSIDENT Trump! God bless you ! Wwg1wgA & Q & Friends & God bless all ! Greetings from Germany! & Peace !

  4. Mr presidente ,de acordo com a lei e de acordo com direitos e deveres que a constituicao do seu paiz resa,Quando um crime e cometido e a lei faz justica ,out seja resolve a situacao com justica,nada da o direito da midia ou de pessoas que ocupam cargo politicos de estarem suportando terrorismo domestic ou insentivando Destruicao de propridades privadas ou do governo,porque a justica foi feita,a policies fez a parte deles,se a policies nao tivesse posto o policial na prisao pelo crime que ele cometeu ,todos que estao sendo hipocritas teria o direito de apontar o dedo para policial,cade a honestidade de todos Nesta situacao,Sao os politicos que estao cada dia inventando lei. Pra isso e pra quilo, porque ainda nao fizeram Uma lei dizendo que todos somos iguais diante de Deus com is mesmos direitos e deveres neste mundo. porque estas pessoas nao conseguem ver que eles estao sendo manipulados por pessoas racistas,E que estao manipulando eles para destruir tuda a historia,de pesoas que perderam a vida lutando para que todos tenham o mesmo direito Como ,ser humano,E os senhores que estao no poder o que estao eperando para fazer justica e resolver esta situacao,E a voces que Deus ira pedi a prestacao de Contas por cada vida destrida,Porque ninguem abre a Boca para dizer que todos estao sendo hipocritas,Quando e que iram para de chamar o Certo de errado e errado de Certo, E resolver esta situacao,porque a populacao e a policial esta sendo vitima do comodismo de voces tomarem a decision devida???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  6. German Fascism is an evil empire.
    German Fascism is far right.

    Today’s DOD, Today’s American Forces and today’s American Politicians are Fascists.

    Black Lives Matter! Black Voters Matter!
    We are more left-wing than the U.S.Department of Defense, American Media, White House, American Politicians, American Universities, American top1%, American celebrities, Hollywood and Wall Street.

    And, Germany’s Fascism is far-right.

    [Telegraph]09 Feb 2012
    US Marines posed with banner of **** **
    A US Marine sniper team posed with a flag emblazoned with the symbol of the **** ** while on duty in Afghanistan, the Pentagon has admitted.
    The logo resembling that of the notorious **** ** appeared in a photograph of US Marines taken in the Sangin district of Afghanistan in 2010

    Soldiers Flew **** ******** Flag on Army Truck in Afghanistan
    Agroup of Australian soldiers has triggered outrage after video emerged of troops flying a **** flag while on duty in Afghanistan.

    Although the incident apparently took place in 2007, the images only came to public attention after national broadcaster ABC published them this week.

  7. The absolute insane level of ignorance in these comments is sad. How anyone can actually support a president that has done so much harm to this country is quite overwhelming. Between the problems with China and Russia to the 150,000+ lives lost due to his narcissistic and communist like ideas. No president has caused more problems and put our country in worse shape than this wannabe dictator. It will take years and years to get back to a point where we are not the laughing stock of the world.

  8. He play’s this game like a BOSS! Every move he makes is like a master chess player. Makes his opponents move then one by one lose all their pieces n all their power. Never has a president been scrutinized so much & comes out so clean. He knows he’s got to play till they show everyone who/what they really are & all the lifetimes of corruption is slowly revealed & the people can pluck the scales from their eyes, the people wake up & truly see the real evil that’s been done. As each truth is revealed they try desperately throwing one lie after another but it’s gotten so obvious they can’t hide it. Trump said few days ago “If you knew what I knew at the horrible things been done, and you will, you’ll see soon, when you know what I know, you won’t even stand to look at em. People will be disgusted with em, but the people got to wake up & see things as they really are… Only then can things change & then… Oh we are gonna have prosperity like you’ve never had before” I can imagine.. It’ll be what our forefathers wanted for us. Prayning for you Trump… love how you (as you said) took the money they took & gave back to us…

  9. Each morning I wake up, thank God for another beautiful day, check to see if my goldfish is OK, then check to see if Trump is dead yet.

  10. Hahaha the king👑👑….show take down the mask … no…. ok I don t hear the word you are saying 🤣🤣👍👍👍 🧹🧹

  11. #Trump #45th #President #FakePresident #FascistTrump #NeoFascist #NaziTrump #JealousFool #JealousFoolTrump
    Donald Trump is an insane man period! He never ever should have been permitted to be in the high office whatsoever period! He has been lying to America and the rest of the world since he stepped foot into the #WhiteHouse. He is an extreme danger to us all. #DonaldJohnTrump #Resign 😡

    Who’s behind allowing so called government funding to condone this dissolving of our constitution? State of Alabama Money Laundering Scheme
    In the state of Alabama gambling is illegal. The law enforcement of that state owns and runs the illegal gambling syndicate. A percentage of that illegally obtained revenue is distributed to officials throughout the state. Sovereignty of immunity shields the syndicate even though illegal gambling is not part of the sovereignty. This is all supervised by the Attorney Generals office, and a Deputy assigned to the Revenue Department.
    According to the state, gambling is illegal, so money in which is illegal doesn’t actually exist in the state budget. Gambling doesn’t make money in Alabama, otherwise they would be admitting to embezzling from the state.
    This provides a situation in which monies are very easily laundered using the state as a front for the laundering operation.
    Exactly how much money was taken in by the state from gambling, and can that state prove that all the money came from illegal gambling?
    As you should already be aware, John James Breckenridge Jr and Eddie Corrigan Jr are suspect of fraudulently representing themselves as my employees, and making thefts of my monies. Claiming to be my employees and stealing my monies as Eddie Corrigan Jr fraudulently made the claim to be my “Management” after I entered in to writing and more with MTV after writing the lyrics to “The Flame” performed by “Cheap Trick” resulting from me winning a song writing contest in 1988 Spring Break with MTV. The illegal gambling situation in the state of Alabama provides opportunity for laundering.
    As there is no doubt no accurate records kept of how much of the illegally earned revenue is available, consider this, has more money been laundered using the state as a cover for their laundering operation than those facilities were capable of earning? Are they packing them in like Sardines 24/7 violating fire codes obviously?
    No matter how you size it up, claiming the monies being earned from illegal gambling not being shown on any given state revenue books is a risk. No way of knowing how much is being siphoned, and no way of knowing what that money is being used for. It’s a risk. Claiming sovereignty of immunity to pose a risk and violate the law is evidence of evasion, and using the state as an instrument of that evasion is in fact not a sovereign property. Non sovereign properties are not applicable to sovereignty of immunity. Failure to perform duty and prosecute when realizing the crime is to accomplice the crime when it is your duty of office to prosecute criminals that conduct crimes such as interior crimes.
    Coup Finance Effort
    What has the state of Alabama been doing with the stolen monies it laundered as money made from illegal gambling? Not only did that illegal gambling open up a laundering capability beyond any other known method of money laundering, but it also gave the perpetrators access to government issue lots for the monies. The FBI assisted the implementation of fraudulent issuance for government lots when it aided and abetted the illegal gambling in the state of Alabama realizing the government was accepting stolen monies as officially unofficial government lots to known criminals. No matter how you attempt to twist it, the money in which was alleged state monies, were in fact not state monies. What did the state of Alabama do with monies embezzled from we the people? How much of that alleged illegal gambling money was actually monies stolen by John J Breckenridge Jr and Eddie Corrigan Jr from myself proxy fraudulently representing themselves as my employees? What did they do with the monies claiming to be the state? Did that marine gone haywire do something like order bunkers made, and claim he was protecting us with Nukes and doing other things like creating his own personal droid army in preparation for this coup they have already attempted once, and apparently continue to attempt? Allowing the purchase of Government lots is not to be purchased illegally, and not hidden from all.
    FBI and Treason
    With General Flynn and President Trump being victimized by the FBI, I am now sharing with you what I have recently discovered about the FBI in Mobile, AL. The sad thing is, is that the evidence proving their guilt has been right out in front of everyone for decades.
    As you may be aware, gambling is illegal in Alabama, and the FBI has ignored the fact that the State of Alabama has been using that state to launder monies the entire time. How is this Treason? The state of Alabama has implemented a design to destroy the constitution, which is Treason, and has committed this treason with the FBI aiding and abetting proxy willful neglect of duty, dereliction of duty, however you want to say it. It’s a crime either way. They have counted on sovereignty of immunity to shield their crime long enough for their plan to destroy our constitution to play out before anyone figures out what they are really doing. The FBI makes it appear as normal bribes to state officials of Alabama, as if that weren’t illegal enough for the FBI to do the job, when the reality is that the state of Alabama has been embezzled from the entire time it has allowed illegal gambling to occur.
    Although the monies have been used for bribing every state official in Alabama for years, those officials have been receiving stolen monies the entire time. All monies received from illegal gambling by those state officials was, and is, the jurist prudence of Federal and International authorities. Federal jurist prudence resulting from large amounts of monies being siphoned from our treasury department, and International as it is a sovereignty in which is conducting the crimes.

    Corona Virus = Flu Virus: Covid-19 = Flu Virus souped up by Harvard, funded during Obama Administration, and given to China to be their patsy? To turn us against them and create a diversion from the interior threat? China is great competition for us, like between Walmart and Dollar Tree. Thanks to President Trump and Conservative Republicans, we are even bigger winners in our win win deal. China still comes out winners too by the way, just now we are bigger winners than before. It’s true we funded the Wuhan Lab, but only gave them enough for a poor budget. Building ONLY at best. Seems we intentionally gave them a poor budget so they would have a poor lab. Lab NOT CAPABLE of mutating Corona. Harvard on the other hand, IS capable.
    You truly believe that the US gave a Communist Country the ability to construct a biological weapon to use against us?

    Did Eddie Corrigan Jr and The Heritage Foundation give Soros Stolen Monies?
    Hiring someone to conduct a crime not only classifies you as a perpetrator, you are liable for any and all actions conducted by whom you hired, correct?
    Soros Hired Criminal?

    POW’s In Vietnam Suspect including John James Breckenridge Jr


    Who Funded the Lobby for THIS? Was it Allegedly The Heritage Foundation?
    Justices of the Supreme Court,
    I realize this is not a file in a Federal Court, however, I also realize that with the excessive corruption I have encountered in the Federal Court, that gesture is basically a futile gesture. I am able to provide evidence support of this statement should it be necessary. Although a complaint concerning corruption in Federal Courts would be in order, I am attempting to gather your audience in what I consider a more critical matter.
    I have recently learned that in 1990 a law was sneaked in to our law regarding the allowance of communism and/or socialism to be placed upon our ballots. As you are probably aware, https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/congress-passes-communist-control-act
    , there was once a time when any compromise to the preservation of the United States Constitution was our law that they be punished with death.
    It seems now, as a result of a particular law,
    , that compromises to the United States are actually legally allowed.
    Marbury Vs Madison 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803)
    You may consider this a request placed upon our government to preserve our constitution, and consider this self defeating law to our constitution preservation as a law in which is unconstitutional.
    To allow a dissolving of our constitution openly is to allow domestic enemies in which are or represent a threat to it’s continuing as rule of law.
    Thank You for providing this point to your audience, and please help the United States preserve our constitution.

  13. Donald Trump is a very rich man he does not need this the reason he has done it is because he cares and the love for America he can see it in his eyes hear it in his voice when he talks about the United States how dare Obama speak against him at a funeral and they want His vice president to win because all he’s going to be is a puppet if you watch on my TV you can tell this week he was at his hometown first time he took questions from the press call them up by name and then he was looking down at a paper to see what he had to say he is not going to survive the presidency and whatever lunatic he picks because he wants to put that race cat out there it’s scary that one of those women that know nothing about foreign policy about everything that protects the United States and they will become president I think the vice president she put his name in assistant living I leave America alone please do not forget I am so scared that was gonna happen do I country between the Chinese virus and to get our economy back up to get our children back to school and do not scare them with Apoxsee glass on the teachers desk and all these mask the science should look more into that children need to interact teachers have to see their students so they could see what needs they have I came from Cuba in those days they did not know how to diagnose dyslexia and I have that and I have suffered all my life since I was a little girl Kopping from my friends trying to get by I did get a high school diploma just because you dislike does not mean that you’re stupid I did a lot of things I work for two hospitals I have good jobs I work for the Lawrence Public school system believe it or not I was a substitute teacher and I did a great job but the kids have to be in school because in this age in time they can die knows this send them to special schools and have them learn I’ve tried to get into programs for someone my age 67 they don’t have any so I have to continue with this disability but you know what it took me a long time to come out of the closet but I have an happy that I have so please on November 3 please vote for President Trump do not let these people fooled you like Obama and Biden he’s been I don’t know 40 something years or more in the Senate and then he was Vice President for eight years all he did was go to funerals and what did Obama do absolutely nothing he did not go through on any of his promises he decided to bill Obama care and there are so many people that had insurance and lost it because of this program all I can say is please vote for President Trump if you want to live and the United States of America I am very proud to be a citizen I’ll be able to have freedom of speech that’s why I left Cuba people are scared at their jobs to say they’re avoiding for Trump because they’re scared they’re going to get fired someone already did well I wish you good night God bless you And let’s think of our children future thank you I think I have gone on and on and on


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