08/08/20: President Trump Holds a News Conference


Bedminster, NJ


  1. Not one reporter gave him any credit or Thanked him, they are attacking him like sharks! Pitiful! Disrespectful puppet reporters, they all need to be fired they don’t report honesty! I’m happy President Trump ended the questions, 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 TRUMP2Q2Q he just sealed 4 MORE YEARS!

  2. I’m so happy that you have a President like Trump, he loves his country and are helping you all so much. I wish we had a person like Mr.Trump where i live, because we really need that. I whish you all the best. Love from Norway.

  3. After Trump the only thing changed you will not be ruled by deep state through dollars but by nwo through crypto.

  4. Illegal Aliens & Felons are the DemonRats newest voters. Its sad they care more about illegals than the citizens who pay their salary🤬 Instead of Defunding the police…We need to DEFUND the DemonRats 🐁 Also since the Teachers Union are playing pathetic games by having demands before they will get their asses to the schools & teach our kids… I think a good idea is to DEFUND TEACHERS. They aren’t doing their jobs yet they are still getting paychecks ⁉️WTH⁉️ Give parents the $ instead so we can take our kids to where we know they will learn Reading, writing, history, Arithmetic INSTEAD of being Indoctrinated. We should have the choice where our children go to school. Most importantly OPEN AMERICA 🇺🇸 NO MORE SHUT DOWNS. All its for is the DemonRats🐁 way to hurt the greatest economy in history (which they have done, Thanks to the little fascist Fauci) who is working for the Commie Party…I mean DemonRat🐀 Party. COME ON AMERICA….Lets cause a Giant Red🔴Wave🌊 From West all across this great country to the East🗳 God Bless America 🇺🇸 🙏
    T R U M P 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

  5. They dems are letting out virus infected prisoners to join antifa and black lives matter. They switch out uniforms at half day time to make it look like there army is well populated. Prisoners paid to kill and destroy All of Us and our country.Now silent majority , isn’t silent any more .look at California they push anyifa right outta there city.our oceans are standing up for trump ,roads, express ways stop and give President Trump respect and support, long before he was giving no taxes. .People get involved before end up dead . Ds has to be taken out. If you dont think so tale a look at Patriot hour w Mike all the things Our president has did his biggesy is save the children your kids and mine. And many more around the world.


  7. Sheldon Adelson – Agenda 21 NR 666 (1946) OMEN = 911.
    Sheldon Adelson – Agenda 21 NR 666 (1946) OMEN – Great Beast Light = 1776.

    Sheldon Adelson – Election (2016) and BEAST = 911.
    Sheldon Adelson and Dark Lord Half Snake (2016) = 911.

    Sheldon Adelson – Israel Dark Child = 911.
    Sheldon Adelson – Israel Dark Child – Great Beast Light = 1776.

    Thor Haakon – Digging deeper chosen Omen = 911.
    Thor Haakon – Digging deeper chosen Sealed = 911.

  8. Usa 🇺🇸 strong 💪 flatten the curve social distancing and stay home 🏡 if needed for 14 days. Always a pleasure to listen to usa 🇺🇸 news reports. Can’t wait to watch the debate in 2020 November. I look forward to watching.

  9. Mr. President I hope you don’t let Nancy Pelosi give out those flyers for the vote and I like to vote in person and I hope you do read our comments Nancy Pelosi’s is trying to ruin the election she should be in trouble for doing something like that like Obama did to you she should be in trouble that’s putting people in hotels and so is Como and they want them to vote for somebody else and not you that’s that’s Reagan everything

  10. One thing mr. President please bring the Union’s back on site pee on the union side everybody says that you hate the union contractors

  11. I think its very telling that some people are actually upset he is doing things that will help the American people. Wtf is wrong with him helping people? That’s crazy.

  12. Wake up Trump voters you sheep. Covid 19 hit and he bailed out his cronies, tossing scraps of $1,200 to the people one time.. 4,000,000 DEAD because of Trump in action. Now he wants to kill our children by sending them back to school before there is a safe way to do it. They are not immune. Now he wants to end Social Security by ending the tax that pays for it. If you can read, see for your self —-> https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-terminate-social-security/

  13. I want to know why the ONLY way to Negotiate with Republicans is to give in to what Republicans want 100% no matter how unreasonable their demands? I want to know why, IF Republicans are so interested in helping the American public, Republicans went on vacation instead of working on Negotiating with Democrats? The Democrats gave in some, Republicans won’t! Republicans left all people to harm while they go on vacation WHILE the Democrats stayed to work and negotiate … it is the Republicans who are Obstructing everything while people suffer! All so Trump can play KING of America with Executive Orders that are NOT Constitutional at all!

  14. 2020 election is Capitalism vs marxism communism socialism Open the eyes dear people Must vote for Donald J Trump for save USA God Bless our President and God Bless USA

  15. Executive order. Arrest and trial all traitors of liberty. The price for treason of liberty and responsibility is death. Heads will roll.

  16. God Bless You, President Trump. Proving Congress is becoming IRRELEVANT, if you have a GREAT PRESIDENT!!! GET ‘ER DONE! MAGA!

  17. Mr President Trump please get rid of Nancy PELOSI , please for the safety of the people and yourself, it’s illegal what she’s doing and the Democrats , call them ALL out on their wickedness!! Massive respect President Trump 🔯☀️👑☀️♊☀️🙏☀️🌎☀️👑

  18. And thank you for protection for my section 8 housing President Trump . Massive respect 👑☀️☀️🙏☀️👑☀️🙏☀️🌎

  19. Trump I don’t believe you! You’re a puppet I can see those stings moving lol! You dam well know that you were never elected you were selected by the cabal you know what I mean right lol! The awakening is happening all over the globe! I bet you’re shit scared of your controllers thats why your’ doing as your told! Your not wearing a nappie oh thats right your nappie is on your ass! What a good boy Lol. All of the White House staff should be in jail! Now carry on bullshiting to the public! And you very well dam know that the CORONAVIRUS is a hoax according to doctors! I will refuse to wear a nappy on my face! And you can shove bill Gates vaccines up you filthy asshole you creep! Think you’re safe when the revolution starts. Yep you will go underground like an ant! I wish the ground collapses on all of you. Most people don’t believe you Trump! Only a fool will! And most fools live in America. Wake up people this is part of the depopulation program! They are shutting the globe down, and shutting all the farms! Trump wants you all dead!


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