110-year sentence to be reconsidered for truck driver responsible for fatal crash


Civil rights advocates are calling for Colorado Gov. Jared Polis to intervene after a truck driver was sentenced to 110 years for a fatal crash after his brakes failed.

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  1. They are the real victims he should have to serve 20/50 years driving is a privilege not a right he should have used the big rig emergency exit

  2. His fucking breaks weren’t working and it was accelerating, there’s NOTHING he could’ve done. That’s BULLSHIT, you got murders and rapist out here getting 15yrs BUT a good man with some unfortunate circumstances gets a century plus sentence, that’s our judicial system for you, or should I say lack there of, we NEED (REAL JUDGES) with GREAT not average 👏🏿critical thinking skills👏🏿. You know this might be off topic but this is exactly WHY humans shouldn’t be able to be in authority of a higher office their incapability to think logically exceeds their better judgment, I full heartedly think androids can make a more sound decision without being bias, humans can’t even pass a Trolley problem, humans emotions get in the way of thinking sophisticatedly and strategically. *Not that it matters but I’m 18*


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