4/24/20: Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. Take a second listen to POTUS and Dr. Stephen Hahn from FDA at five minutes in. It’s remarkable how quickly the FDA can act when barriers are lifted at their own will, upon the request of our POTUS, without legal hurdles. It makes me wonder why there were barriers in the first place – why the dawdling in the past if FDA can move so quickly now? How much blood is on the FDA’s hands for failing to deliver tests (HIV is mentioned) and cures in an efficient manner due to their self-imposed barriers?

  2. Japan already realized the God will expressed by COVID19
    and change our minds in deed; rather had been changed longing for THE WEST.








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  3. It is Friday afternoon. After the earlier signing of legislation and answering questions about the economy, any questions from this group of PIRANHA PRESS are inane and irrelevant.

    The front lines of this battle are being fought with great success. We are getting our country back.

    Getting stuck on the “gotcha” level questions is their level of reporting skills. The sad state of the press is more and more obvious.

    If, the media continue with this level of heckling instead of reporting, then all of the daily briefings should be limited to this format.

    Better times are ahead for the US, and THIS PRESIDENT with his Administration will get us there!

    The media should keep up or keep out.

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  5. I’ve been ousted by my family coz I’m a trump supporter and I’m from uk and my family think Obama did a lot for america what a joke

  6. hmmm.. once again.. bc YouTube sucks also: I wrote that Jens Stoltenberg stated that a virus attack( cyber attack) on one partner must cause all partners to action. In this case all world is hitt by Kung Flu and even Russia and North Korea should declare war to China if China refuses to pay to all countries the dammage. And erdogan because he loves wars should be the first and the blue helmets because they love to make peace in other countries and Europe should go first. ( meanwhile you can build ecconomy and make it much stronger through building weapons. You have HAARP and just Trump cards on your side. and all china is surrended by big countries which can darken the country of the draggon for long long time. The Iranian war satelite can be shott down by space army and chinas satelites also if they do not pay .. so 5 G becommes useless.

  7. If the press can’t ask the burning questions on behalf of the public then where is the transparency and democracy?
    Dictatorship in the making!!

    It’s not difficult to answer questions if you have nothing to hide, have good judgement, temperament and understanding. Sadly these are none of the qualities you could relate to this president.

  8. Can we put a mental inquest warrant on this guy and have him psychologically evaluated by an unafraid psychiatrist for at least 72 hours? The criteria for being committed is being a danger to yourself or others. I believe this qualifies.

  9. Most Millennials don’t have enough money saved for a $400 emergency, working paycheck to paycheck doing such degrading menial low paying jobs not worth their degree and far longer than what was considered a launch pad for Baby Boomers. The oldest Millennials will be turning 40 years old soon like Britney Spears, but unlike a wealthy pop star, how can most Millennials put a down payment on a house when they have nothing saved up, the banking environment has 0% savings rate, and the inflation rate is obfuscated and untrustworthy? At 40 years old now, if Millennials bought a house, they would be carrying a mortgage to their 70s. What job is going to keep workers that are that old and slow? Is McDonald’s going to have the drive thru line all the way out into the streets because Millennials are working past 60? Are Millennials going to do Uber until they die because it takes over 40 hours a week of work to survive? This money decay should have been fixed decades ago by the lazy Boomers, but they were too stoned and stupid to care about what happens after them. This is the same globalist generation that made China what it is today, feeding a bunch of commies jobs for 40 years and starving their Millennial children in America of good jobs: only Starbucks and Uber for you! The Millennial generation is going to be renters and couch surfers for the rest of their lives if they aren’t living in their cars. This is all the Baby Boomers fault!! Now they tell young people to sit at home and not work so Baby Boomers can live a few more years! The outrage! Mother Nature and God is trying to help Millennials for once with the coronavirus, and the Boomers think only of themselves, their stock accounts, and their panic buying to keep themselves fat. How are Millennials going to ever buy a house now? They just printed a shitton of new currency out of thin air just to make Boomers happy from cradle to grave, and the Millennials that worked hard and saved just got curb stomped to death in the coming hyperinflation! Where’s the goddamn REVOLUTION?!!

  10. we can also chain with a big chain the dragon.(but can also forgive. but communism is not good.because it is expensive for world to face if we see on the amount of weapons invested. by muslims same and the say for christians same or jews or chineese so what is the difference they think. in fact that is rassism and people are guilty of it but thanks we have a lamb and learn. https://youtu.be/KPxd8Vkp8FM

  11. Well educated experimental scientist here: very thankful and proud to have you as president. You’re doing an amazing job. Those of us who know how to do research and read into things understand, and a lot of the rest just don’t have the time.

    Thank you Mr. President, and thank you Task Force for your unbelievably amazing work.

  12. when the president did not look where the problem is the problem is in the network 5g extinguish the 5g network and there is no corone virus president there is a problem open your eyes think your head around the world people love

  13. Trump is still trying to paint himself as a hero when we have 4 percent of the worlds population and 25 percent of the dead.

  14. 시나리오 : 중국과 미국의 패권 다툼으로 중국이 밀리고 있엇어 / 중국은 이 상황을 타계할 방법을 찾아야 했지 / 중국은 우한에 다양한 국적의 사람들이 왕래하지 / 바이러스 공격은 백신이 개발되기 까지 1년이 걸려 / 미국의 재선이 2020년 부터 시작되지 거의 1년동안 / 중국은 트럼프를 떨어 트리기 위해 우한에서 바이러스 풀었을까 안풀었을까 ? /


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