6/10/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing


The White House


  1. Love Trump for standing up for Christianity and the opening of Churches. Strong Christian leadership is what we need from the White House!

  2. You’re asked that same question 4 times so I’ll give you the same answer….
    Now 5 time’s lol idiots with masks

  3. No need to strip a repeat question. We eat everyday and just eat it. No reason to tell the world that another similar question is at the Cochlea.

  4. Kayleigh MvEnany is the best. She put AOC in her place AOC has a 22% approval rating among her own party. Good work !

  5. Statues can be added to, new ones (;) juxtaposed as our stories/histories continue to unfold/develope. They are markers/ chapter headings.
    Maybe cross-cultural billetting might be a good component of a cop training course.

  6. Victorian Liberal MP Bernie Finn says America “is finished” if US President Donald Trump doesn’t prevail at the upcoming election given the widespread protests which have been witnessed across the country this week.
    Mr Finn told Sky News “most of the Democrat governors (and) most of the Democrat mayors, they actually want this to continue”.
    “Because this is a part of what they see as a campaign to bring down President Trump”.
    However Mr Finn said this ploy would “blow up in their faces” as many people who have watched the scenes on television this week “would actually be very fearful of the future”.
    “And would be particularly fearful of the future if a silly old duffer like Joe Biden became president”.
    Mr Finn said “if Donald Trump does not prevail, America is finished”.

  7. BLM and Antifa are paid RIOTERS by Clinton’s and Soros. Sadly these reporters and people cant believe democrats dirty politics just for black votes. I cant believe they say have covid 19 viruses are higher than they are just put people out of work . just make Trump look bad. But MOST of us are smart enough to see what dumbocrats are doing.

  8. Love your support to our president but I can read from a paper too, with a studder and better eye contact
    ..please re-read cause you rock …just read intro with as much confidence and quickness as you do against the media…you got this. Media is dumb. ..they actually think they are asking a good question…hahaha

  9. So Beyond Repair- True Deplorablesi- It is so interesting to see the cult of Trump pat each other on the back and smirk as they congratulate themselves on their Dad and Mom’s having those slaves, smack a President who actually left office without a blemish (until U folks created some for the lynching), celebrating a bunch of traitor confederate Generals whose aim was to destroy the union and perpetuate their immorality of racism, as U continue to admire such a White Supremacist Russian agent in the White House who happily grabbed pussy and other debauchery as he con’ed all on a Nationalist agenda as he implemented Russia’s wishes every step of the way as he was hugging the flag but screwing it at the same time while you idiots cheered him on

  10. You know if you think about it, these stupid journalists make Kayleigh’s job so easy. Stupid people ask the same question in a different way, so she gives them the same answer in a different way. I just watch it because it’s entertaining. It’s like watching a comedy show.

  11. Why does this press secretary act so insincere, defensive and simply cowardly with sprinkling of lies? The WHOLE world can see through her and her boss yet they continue in their own self importance bubble believing they are great! Pinocchio would be a more believable press secretary.

  12. These reporters are so small minded. Dah! The President is on the phone with other Presidents all the days long. His time is thin for rediculousness

  13. Youtube, why am I constantl;y spammed with this gatrbage in my recommended videos? I couldnt give two fucks about ronakd gump.

  14. So what Kayleigh.What have you learned so far from your bunker diving draft dodger boss.Must be nothing cause you sound just like him and he hates the arm forces.Hes using the ” I like the military”so he diverts his failed military commitment with his bone spur draft dodging excuse.

  15. You go girl.
    Rip them a new a..hole ..
    They are lost deep in the Dunning-Kruger effect …
    Truly lacking in the intelligence to acutely realize how unintelligent they are

  16. Them wearing those Masks are cutting more of the oxygen off! Then they open their mouths and it starts.. making them stupider then what they already were! Shame

  17. I feel sorry for her to be a Good Christian and have to work for a person like her current boss that contradict Christians teachings in all basic human aspects!

  18. prayers for your continued strength and inspiration…YOU are an American hero Kayleign McEnany🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


    There is no covid you fools!
    Its a scam by the secret hidden behind the scenes communist, BLMNWO, totalitarium pieces of 💩

    You stupid ignorant lying tools of satan.

    There is no covid.
    Do your mother father RESEARCH, fools.

  20. I freaking love how she ends these briefings.

  21. no soldiers are against renaming, there is no line against racism, and who gives a fuck about gone with the win, when there is so much I justice in our country, people are dying

  22. Why is she reading the answers back to most of the reporters questions, are all these questions planned so she can have a response ready.


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