A Global Collaboration to Equitable Access to New COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.


The ACT-Accelerator brings together leaders of governments, global health organizations, businesses and philanthropies in a united response against COVID-19.
A Global Collaboration to Accelerate the Development, Production and Equitable Access to New COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.


  1. LIARS. CV 19 is a SCAM. The death rate from CV is statistically insignificant at 0.26%. And yet they want to vaccinate everyone in the world because of 0.26% deaths. FRAUDS and CRIMINALS.

  2. No news yet when your dictator is going to stand down? How about news on when you are going to come clean about why the CHO’s leaders took millions in payments from the CCP just to fly smoke for the CCP whilst the world burned? YOU HAVE FAILED!

  3. Bravo’s 👏 WHO Global to produce a better vaccine by as soon as possible 💪 Hopefully we can stop the COVID19 Pandemic globally 🙏

  4. You people are one giant sick cult. You sit in your damn labs playing around with these viruses and experimenting on the human race. Since day one we are forced to have a Hepatitis B shot which is full of poisons and completely unnecessary for a young healthy baby. You people are the sickness to the human race. Go ahead and tell us, we are your lab rats and you want total control over the entire human population. It’s only a matter of time before people in your organization start coming out and speaking the truth.

  5. The people who thinks that the World Health Organization is bad and should stop making vaccines , are assholes.

  6. India made vaccine on covid and the vaccine name covaxin . India will be super power.india world richest and powerful country in world. Future beggar are America,china and england, Germany.

  7. Now, average people tell doctors how to do research, test and develop treatments. I guess doctors wasted their lifetime going to school, all for nothing. Let doctors do their job and stop saying that they are misleading the public. Enough!

  8. Unbelievable, how do you make treatments and vaccines for something that doesn’t exist…..oh yeah it’s just a cover excuse to poison the people for Bill Gates eugenics depopulation


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