Colorado Cattleman Shad Sullivan talks about how the Governor is trying to destroy the beef industry


The Governor of Colorado has proclaimed March 20 as Meat Out Day, and asked everyone to not eat meat on that day. The beef industry is a vital part of Colorado’s economy. Jim Mundorf sits down with Colorado cattle rancher Shad Sullivan to discuss the Governor’s history of attacking his an important part of his own states economy.


  1. It’s part of their depopulation agenda! Get rid of the cattle and you get rid of the independent ranchers and food . Planned parenthood is next door to the meatless burger. I won’t eat it!!Gates is evil!!

  2. i’m concerned with who did the non-bow on your hat. yikes. but all aside that, humans are meat eaters ! we have been meat eaters for thousands of years.

  3. I’m in California and I’ll make absolutely sure I’ll fry up some hamburgers, tri-tip, brisket, head Meat, maybe even some beef liver…. give me my dead cow meat I’m hungry yummy yummy yummy… carnivore diet


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