Colorado governor issues statewide fire ban for 30 days


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Open fires will be banned statewide for 30 days, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced Tuesday, as four large wildfires spread rapidly. Im asking all Coloradans to be extra careful about fire safety right now given the fact that Colorado is exceptionally dry (and) exceptionally hot, Polis said. The ban, which has not yet been issued, will prohibit open fires such as campfires and fireworks. It will still allow for approved closed fires like camp stoves or home barbecues. The governor noted at a news conference that three of the four large wildfires Pine Gulch, Grizzly Creek, Cameron Peak and Williams Fork that crews are currently battling were likely caused by people. The Pine Gulch fire was sparked by lightning July 31. Polis urged residents to take precautions seriously one cigarette or fireworks can spark fires that spread across thousands of acres and cause closures such as that on Interstate 70 that could cost the economy millions. Every county except three already had some type of prohibition in place, some more extreme than the statewide one, but this will bring the clarity of message, Polis said. He added that fires often spread across counties and jurisdictions, so the aim is to reduce everyones risk. Now is not the time to party, Polis said, reminding residents of coronavirus restrictions. We add to that, now is not the time to have campfires or fireworks.


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