Colorado Governor Shares Health Message With Protesters


Gov. Jared Polis says he strongly supports the message of protesters, but he’s worried about the health risks people are taking who have been gathering in large groups over the past few days.


  1. Comrade Polis sat silently while rioters burned our once great city for 5 consecutive days. Both he and the Mayor are now groveling and pleading for all and any protesters to get screened for the CCP virus. DON”T DO IT. Their pleas for more testing is about nothing but $$bucks $$. Cases= cash from the federal government. Deaths = dollars from the feds. Comrade Polis and Lord Hancock (Mayor) do not care for the people of Colorado. They are driven by their disturbing lust for power over a once free people.

  2. This guy is so fkin done in November, said nothing about stopping the riots just let them be safe while they destroy the City


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