Colorado lawmakers, governor announce new $700M stimulus program


Gov. Polis and legislative leaders from both parties announced a $700 million stimulus program they hope to pass this legislative session to piggyback off what was passed during the special session in December.


  1. Criminals and freemasons and secret society scum. I don’t care if they have on a suit. They should all be in prison.

  2. Long live Polis the savior! Now you are coming to the recue, after your policies destroyed the livelihoods of many Coloradans. You almost put us at the same place where California is. Nebraska has a 3% unemployment rate; Colorado had that before COVID.

  3. Trademark of a truly corrupted organization, poor sound quality. If the questions posed can’t be heard then the replys can be prefabricated bullet points.💅🌟🌈
    I’d think after a year of practice, you might have the sound quality dialed in.

  4. Polis looks jumpy, like he’s worried we might find him in person one day and call him out. How’s the Subsidy farming scam going?


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