Director-General Dr Tedros on the temporary pause of the trial of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19


The Executive Group for the Solidarity trial has implemented a temporary pause of the trial of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 while the safety data is reviewed by the Data Safety Monitoring Committee.

The Executive Group will review published data, the interim analysis from the Solidarity trial by the trial Data Safety Monitoirng Committee, and the findings from other ongoing trials that include hydroxychloroquine as one of their study arms.

The Executive Group is withholding its final opinion until the comprehensive review of the evidence is available for consideration. The aim is to have this review conducted by mid-June.

The Solidarity Trial is an international clinical trial to help find an effective treatment for COVID-19, launched by WHO and partners. It is hoped that one or more of the treatments under trial will result in improving clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients and save lives

More than 100 countries have expressed an interest in participating in the Solidarity Trial.
To date, over 400 hospitals in 35 countries are actively recruiting patients and nearly 3,500 patients have been enrolled from 17 countries.

For the full version of the press conference of 25 May 2020:

More information on COVID-19:


  1. Why are still on that seat? You want the world to drag you out and get paraded? Step down you incompetent puppet

  2. Yes it’s good you couldn’t stop covid 19 now you’re preaching people not to use a medicine which can save them …..true Chineese puppy……

  3. How do you sleep at night Tedros, when the world sees right through you… the world is not fooled!!! The world notices a puppet and is worried for your future, when the crawl games you play now are no longer useful!!! The upper hand will wash when done with you… only then will you realize what you did!!!!

  4. Are we (the world) really that stupid, that we can’t see through all of this bullshit… come on!!! I can not believe my Country pumps money into this organization that is kiwis could set up in our own back yard!!! NZ didn’t eliminate CoVid19 by listening to these morons… we did it by common sense!!!
    My god, it’s like witnessing a really bad movie!!!
    It’s pathetic!!!

  5. Money politics and criminal minded people are whom run this organization now… science has nothing to do with it… humanity has nothing to do with it… my god…. it’s only money… that has everything to do with it!!! The whole world is on its own!!!!

  6. Wake up people!!! The WHO is run by criminals!!! I feel super sorry for the scientists who want to do their job… but can’t…!!!! It fuels me with anger and sadness… we are alone… the common good people are alone… Because of politics!!!
    These are my opinions alone but feel the world sees these same opinions!!!


  8. Evidently the CCP’s Angel of Death Tedros is making good on his threat of “many more body bags.” His masters in Beijing must be butthurt that the US refuses to fund their corrupt, anti-humanitarian Fascist regime through their cronies in the WHO. Like the Nazis before them, certainly the Lord shall rebuke them!

  9. CCP to WHO dog, we want more people to be infected to weaken the enemies, WHO dog okay, we will ban the trail of hydroxychloroquine so many will die and wait for ccp to share the vaccine developed by Wuhan virus, cpp 👏👏👏👏 50 cent transferred to WHO 🐕…… End of day’s

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  11. I really hate this man being African mysely. If he had done his job, more than 300k lives could have been saved. Screw the WHO

  12. How come is he still there? so many people wants him to step down from the position. WHO that’s supposed to listen to the world does not listen but ignore what the world wants. SO WRONG!!!

  13. Tedros, I can’t stand looking at your face, now that the US has removed funding from WHO you’re free to come out and let the world know what a crooked official you are and go join the CCP.

  14. WHO leader, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who goes by Dr. Tedros (he has a Ph.D. in community health), was a leader of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, a group that was designated as a terrorist organization. Tedros, is a leader of Ethiopia’s brutal minority party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, a wing of the ruling Marxist-rooted Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front. He served the violently repressive regime as minister of foreign affairs from 2012 to 2016, after a stint as health minister. Even before he was elected to lead the WHO, Tedros was hit with accusations that he had helped cover up numerous epidemics in Ethiopia and carried out a real genocidal policy as Ethiopia’s Minister of Health. The Amhara ethnic group lost more than 2.5 million people between 1997 and 2007.


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