Dr Carissa F. Etienne, WHO Regional Director for the Americas address to WHA73


Dr Carissa F. Etienne, WHO Regional Director for the Americas addresses the 73 World Health Assembly.

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  1. Im sure since you guys are WORLD HEALTH…do your own RESEARCH n STOP relying on research from others. You guys are supposed to provide a cure…even IF TEMPORARY

  2. How’s all those vaccines you’re killing people with? It sure helped against covid. I guess you can just add covid vaccine to the list of all the others. Yeah, just keep adding obsolete vaccines that never prevent other pandemics, and you people can just keep investing in vaccine companies and getting rich. Just like drug pushers giving out free drugs.

  3. Please consider how WHO successfully managed the first Chinese coronavirus of this century (SARS1 in 2003), which was also covered up by the CCP… Strong WHO leaders at that time publicly called out CCP, and after weeks of pressure, Beijing was forced to back down and make (token) reforms on April 17 2003. After that Beijing set out to undermine UN, WHO and other international bodies, not by increasing its support for these organisations, but instead by crying poor then spending lavishly on bribes and other schemes to gain “loyalty” and influence voting of member states. The most recent example is Xi’s boasting of $billions of targeted “aid” to poor nations instead of billions of unrestricted funding to WHO.
    Meanwhile, other member states played by rules, especially the USA, donating generously into the UN and WHO budget – look at the result… Despite a long list of official policies that violate free speech of all, arbitrarily incarcerate hundreds of thousands in camps, some used for live organ harvesting, outlaw religious freedom, invade and persecute Tibetans and now Hong Kong, China is now on the UN human rights commission. Despite a barbaric food system that poisons its own babies and leads to animal viruses infecting humans, including SARS1 and the current PANDEMIC, China has been voted to lead the UN agency on Food and Agriculture!

    17 years ago, after the first deadly coronavirus outbreak from China, the WHO investigation’s primary finding was that early containment of is critical, and that this depends on honesty and transparency by leaders of the place of origin. I think there may also have been recommendations about animal meat markets. Undoubtedly, the same recommendations will be made again this time.

    Back in January, WHO should have pointed all this out (repeatedly) so people of the World know this isn’t the first CCP virus, and should have put pressure on China by demanding to know, “Why didn’t China spend it’s wealth on fixing this known threat to global health and economy, instead of on belt and road, military islands and other mischief?” If WHO continues to shrink from its responsibility to all people of the world to speak the truth, the next decade could see a third CCP virus outbreak.

    WHO’s only source of power is its international reputation, and this is grounded in science, honest and fearless communication, and integrity. These have been weakened by its political decision to appease the CCP by failure to immediately and vigorously denounce lack of access, cooperation and transparency. WHO didn’t make this mistake in 2003 when CCP covered up SARS1 outbreak, and after 2-3 weeks of public shaming, Beijing stopped lying and began to fully cooperate. Result: containment.
    Result now with appeasement: worldwide catastrophe + loss of funding from biggest WHO donor.

    Beyond appeasement of CCP, WHO reputation also weakened by fact that such a large portion of its budget is devoted to premier class airline tickets and 4&5 star hotels, while the greatest threats to world health are faced by desperately poor people. This failure to get priorities straight, shows poor judgment and lack of integrity. It also undermines any criticism by WHO leadership of member states’ decisions to scale back voluntary donations.

    You may not agree with all the points made here, but if even a fraction has merit, then the current WHO leadership needs to be replaced, else WHO will only get weaker and weaker until it has no positive influence over the behavior of member states at all.


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