Dr Mike Ryan – “Every person needs to look at their COVID-19 risk.”


“Every person needs to look at their COVID-19 risk.”
-Dr Mike Ryan, WHO Executive Director of the Emergencies Programme

View the entire press conference here:


  1. What if you live with people who evaluate the risks differently? And, what if your health authority is not giving a clear enough picture of the risk? And, what if you need to get food but the stores and people in those stores are not bothering to keep their distance because governments say that 1 metre is okay when 2 metres had previously been considered necessary? Etc.

  2. Don’t worry about vaccine .India made vaccine on covid .It will launch on August.india now going to super power . Swine flu and computer antivirus yk2 was vaccine and software is made by india.

  3. population problem in India is big so tell government of india to make a law on population control.if government of India will not make any law on population control stop all help which india get from WHO.

  4. I already assessed my risk at the beginning of this plandemic and it’s ZERO bcuz viruses are not contagious and have never been proven scientifically to exist. Ignorance is a choice, countless MDs have provided proof of these facts. Virus with a 99.9% survival rate and mostly people testing positive with no symptoms of your still falling for the scamdemic then you need to take off your mask and get more oxygen

  5. If you would of acted back in december when china was going throw lock down cus they knew how bad this virus was. We would not be in this spot. but you dragged your feet till april

  6. Cases third / example

    3. I am feeling country can printing more money and less debt.. Can be building army or building spy but inside it printing money.. can u investigation for it..

  7. I won’t be taking advice from a man who is so unhealthy looking, he is a sorry excuse for a man. He looks like a food and alcohol addict. He can rot in hell, the lying sellout!

  8. Video is active fully committed global torture and terrorism activity using fake and fabricated “ health data” to engage in unspeakable torture and mass murder activity of innocent population groups This is a global cell terrorism organization engaging in well planned terrorism activity and they are planning attacks all of the time Stay away from this violent mass murder flock This specific cell are so dangerous they have gotten away with planning and being partly successful with pulling off the most barbaric large scale terrorism attack in history targeting the entire world population with mass murder something that’s stopped now but the group was unfortunately successfull with their torture activity torturing millions even billions of innocent people and specifically targeting the most vulnerable groups Video is incomprehensible in its barbaric terrorism scope and google needs to remove it immediately

  9. If the UN member countries and the Secretary General will not hold Tedros accountable for all his negligence, lies and deceit then there is no justice for the millions who died and continue to suffer.

  10. Thank you for your scientific researches. There is no doubt that the countries who followed the scientific approach, are doing well and have already controlled spread of virus.

  11. Wearing mask everytime or longtime is not good for humans for respiration because we need 100% oxygen for poumon, and that’s you know this, mask block oxygen cause blood pressure in all body. And when you take off the mask all bacteria come on nose because nose is humid after take off mask is go


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